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Presidential 2017: the intervention of Nicolas Sarkozy on RTL summed up in 4 points –

with Marie-Pierre Haddad

the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy to the primary right shall give a boost to the campaign. At three months of the primary right which takes place on 20 and 27 November, the main competitors of the former president engaged in heated exchanges. Alain Juppé assured that it will not deviate from his line: “The authority, not agitation.” François Fillon has directly attacked the former head of the Republicans: “Who would imagine for a moment de Gaulle indicted (…) Having a high idea of ​​politics means that those vying French confidence must be worthy . Those who do not respect the laws of the Republic should not be able to appear before the voters. ”

Guests at the RTL antenna this Monday, August 29, Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to ask his opponents: “Will we be able in this country about the problems of the French is the essential debate?” . The former president has unveiled his presidential intentions since 24 August, announcing his candidacy for the election in his book Everything for France .

1. Change the Constitution to adopt a law on Burkini

The controversy over the burkini was the drama of the summer. The Council of State ruled in suspending the arrested anti-Burkini taken by the town of Villeneuve-Loubet. Since taking campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy has called for legislation “that specifically target” wearing the burkini on a beach and in swimming pools, a “provocation of political Islam” due to “lack of authority” that he wants to “restore” in 2017. “what this is, freedom, when there is tyranny of minorities? Today I ask a law because can not leave them alone mayors face this situation. a prohibition law, I do not know whether to say the Islamic bathing suit or burkini, I do not know … it is a law that specifically target wearing a burkini on a beach and in the pools, “said the former president to the RTL antenna.
Meanwhile, Bernard Cazeneuve emphasis Cross , it would be “unconstitutional” and “ineffective” to create a law against wearing the burkini. “The government, as stated by the Prime Minister refuses to legislate on this subject because a law would be unconstitutional, ineffective and likely to create antagonism and irreparable tensions”, he added.

The problem highlighted by the interior minister does not seem to be a former president who answers: “ We change the Constitution On the has changed around thirty times, it’s not embarrassing the question posed. is this is the company that adapts to the right, or the right to society (…) what will? be the next request? we will ask schedules to the pool for women and men. in ten years, what will happen? (…) Those who do not wear the burkini will be designated by their community as faulty. this is what I call the tyranny of the minority “.

2. No way to argue with François Fillon

On the campaign primary right, Nicolas Sarkozy does not want to get into the media jousting. While François Fillon does not hesitate to remind the court cases concerning the former head of state, he replied that François Fillon, “was a good prime minister” and adds: “I will not give me the ridiculous to attack one with whom I worked for five years “.

Nicolas Sarkozy wished to reassure Republicans militants. “There are many people who are against the primary because” they are afraid that the right to return to his demons of division. I will not attack my former prime minister, I will attack not my ministers. in two and a half months, he will have that gathers to offer France the alternation they expect. “

3. The return of “work more to earn more”

its program Flagship measure: tax-free overtime. Nicolas Sarkozy summed up his proposal in one sentence: “This is work more to earn more” . If a company sets at 40 the number of weekly hours, the first hour defiscalized will be the 41th and not the 36th, as he stated it at the time.

“In this case, the employee will be much overtime as each month will be paid on 40 hours. Of course, the increase in working hours will go through 36 hours paid 36 37 paid 37 38 paid 38 . I want this to be given top priority in the workplace. Nine million french employees received an increase in their purchasing power through overtime (. ..) I set two conditions:. that employees should agree and that hours beyond 35 hours are paid

4 declining. charges € 34 billion

agricultural unions continue to mobilize against the company Lactalis, responsible in their low prices for milk. “After the disappointment of Friday, a big mobilization is being prepared in all regions, “said Sunday night in the AFP Beulin Xavier, president of the FNSEA. In response to the question from a listener, Nicolas Sarkozy explained the need to establish “a single administrative prices.” Nicolas Sarkozy ensures that “in 2017, a decrease of 34 billion euros of charges” will be set up to “allow farmers to compete on equal terms against the competition.”

The candidate said since August 24 wants to establish “a better distribution of value: prices paid to producers are too weak and the prices paid by consumers are too high.” He says French farms pay between 25 and 50% of costs more compared to the Spanish and German farms .

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