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Child crushed under a grid Auchan: a security officer laid off –



fifty people have redone  the route taken by Moro and his family - Nathalie  Saint-Affre - DDM

                                 Fifty people have redone the route taken by Moro and his family


Less than a week after the terrible tragedy that occurred at the entrance to the underground car park of Auchan Gramont shopping center in Toulouse, where a 5 year old was crushed to death under a grid, the judicial investigation continues. At the same time, the company Watchman France who is responsible for the protection and security of the mall just to lay off a security guard. “Given the extreme seriousness of the case, pending the findings of the investigation which will determine the cause of the failure, the agent was laid off on 22 août2016″ says Watchman France ( FG) that we asked yesterday. In a statement, the group added: “FG has made available of justice to give it access to all the elements that can be used in the investigation, and thereby shed light on the circumstances and mechanisms that led to the tragedy . “

Flash Info 22-08-2016 Accident Auchan Gramont … ladepeche

Furthermore, the sanctioned agent Monday had “an agent qualification of fire safety services, was recruited in FG in 2013 and had operated several times on the site of Toulouse Gramont,” the statement said the group. Investigators of the departmental security still have many checks to be performed to accurately reconstruct the steps that led to this rare tragedy. The investigations will establish the cause of a malfunction. Friday, August 19 at 22:30, the small Moro Mohamed Keita and family members access to the underground parking via the vehicle exit ramp. Surprised by the darkness, the boy outside to panic and short while the rest of his family is on the other side of the grid begins to lower.

The child tries then retrace his steps as he headed back to the metal curtain but it is unfortunately too late. The small Mohamed Keita Moro, 5, was trapped and died of asphyxiation, stifled under the weight of the grid suddenly lowered, closing in like a death trap. Despite the desperate attempts of his father to raise the curtain, the boy could not be saved. Now comes the time for questions. How has this been pressed grid? All procedures has he been respected? This is all the work of investigators who set out from this weekend to check one by one all the points of safety.




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