Wednesday, August 24, 2016

La France “did not understand the burkini” said its creator – USAinformations

“You have not understood what Burkini.” Aheda Zanetti, the creator of this swimsuit for Muslim women, was surprised debates around the Burkini in France while this is held, she assures, considered normal in Australia. The Australian judge that the French authorities have not grasped why Burkini had been established and should not erect the division symbol. She says, Wednesday 24 August, in an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation (in English).

“The burkini was created to more freedom, flexibility and confidence. He was created to integrate into Australian society “ says Aheda Zanetti , adding that everyone can wear, regardless of religion. The designer estimates that 40% of its clients are Muslim. It evokes cancer survivors, complexed mothers or women who want to protect their skin from the sun also purchased the burkini.

Aheda Zanetti, who lived for more than forty years in Australia, had the idea of ​​creating the burkini seeing the difficulties of his niece who wears the hijab, to find light clothing for playing netball – a sport similar to basketball – in his school. It therefore created the bathing suit in 2004, so that the Muslim may wear clothing that covers their head, like the hijab, when they engage in activities or sports in the water.

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