Sunday, August 28, 2016

Consultations at the Ministry of Interior on Islam in France – Le Figaro

The interior ministry, in charge of worship, will grease the wheels rather seized of Islam in France. Bernard Cazeneuve organizes this Monday, August 29, a day of top-level job for digging out an old sea serpent mosques funding the and training of Imams

so together, place Beauvau, in the premises of the austere interior ministry, all day Monday, fifty personalities for a high political and technical risk operation. In 2005, a certain Dominique de Villepin who succeeded Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior ministry had created a “Foundation for the works of Islam.” She had to control, controlling, financial flows from abroad entering financing major French mosques. The announcement was a success. The failure was total.

But the repeated attacks in France and the fight against the radicalization of young Muslims, drove both the Ministry of Interior that officials of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), to reopen this matter of delicate legal complexity. They especially believe that the potential financial control of Islam in France is one of the potential levers to fight against Islamic terrorists.

Should be announced on Monday, the dissolution of the “Foundation for the works of Islam” and the creation of a new “Foundation for Islam of France.” Its purpose will no longer finance the cult. It becomes an institution of assistance and support from the state to the second religion of France, is a kind of co-management that dare not speak its name. A “bridge between the Republic and the Muslims of France,” says Bernard Cazeneuve in an interview with La Croix on 29 August.

The foundation will work culturally -and not cultuel- to promote a moderate Islam, made in France somehow. Disseminating, including at the university, in teaching but also in the Muslim world, a thorough understanding of the religion. The main idea is not to leave only to Salafists, the monopoly of the public introduction to religion or the definition of the “right” way to practice.

Jean-Pierre Chevènement, 71, who has been tipped to chair the new Foundation and will be at the Interior Ministry today (which he formerly had charge) observes: “The challenge this is to ensure that there is a Republican Islam. This is not obvious. I think it is possible. “

On the other hand control of the construction financing of mosques but also the training of imams -whose purpose is that they are all trained in France- will be specifically assigned to a “religious association” national newly created, too.

Chevènement told AFP the relationship between the Foundation and the Association: “This foundation, it will recognize the public interest, must respect the principle of secularism. Its purpose is secular: it will be in charge of social, cultural and educational. In the training of imams, it will deal only with civic, legal. All that is religious is outside his field.

“I have manifested my vis-a-vis foreign funding: I am opposed. There are resources in France “

This is why we will lean her a cult -law of 1905- organization whose mission it comes to religious education or financing construction of places of worship “He said in this regard:” I have manifested my vis-a-vis foreign funding: I am opposed. There are resources in France. ”

Prior to these announcements Monday afternoon and launch the new structure formally, the Ministry of Interior is going to cross during several sessions on Monday, a wide range of personalities Muslim qualified -not necessarily chosen for their religious-commitments of concerned officials and experts. Anwar Kibech, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) the pivot structure of the new group is very optimistic: “We will start on a positive dynamic, this episode will end the nauseating sequence Burkini”


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