Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nicolas Sarkozy Le Figaro Magazine: The Republic has declined too – Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE – In an interview published Friday in kiosks now available on your digital media, the candidate for the 2017 presidential election denounced the wearing of Burkini on beaches and returns to his will to “suspend” family reunification.

in an interview to be published Friday in the Le Figaro Magazine , Nicolas Sarkozy denounces burkini port on the beaches, “This is a political act, militant, provocative. Women who have the test the Republic of resistance, “said one who declared his candidacy for president on Monday by publishing a book, Everything for France (Plon). It offers “a law that bans all conspicuous religious symbols not only in school but also at university, in the administration and also in business.” Faced with reluctance that could cause its proposals, Nicolas Sarkozy warns: “. If the Constitutional Council opposes it, we can reform the Constitution, or even directly question the French”

Nicolas Sarkozy proposed a “new policy on access to French nationality, “more” demanding, based on assimilation. ” It proposes to “suspend” the family reunion in France “so there will not be in Europe a genuine and real common migration policy and protected European borders.”

Faced with recidivism, Nicolas Sarkozy proposed “respect for the individualization of sentences, simple system: after three crimes or offenses, the sentence automatically increase by 25%. After five, 50%. After ten, 100%. “

The candidate also talks about his economic proposals, immediate reductions of income taxes of 10%, decrease in labor costs of € 34 billion including . Finally, he confirmed that Baroin should be his prime minister if elected president in May 2017. “This is the best position,” he explained

“Find the ‘full interview on BBC Premium.


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