Thursday, August 25, 2016

Burkini arrested anti-Valls and Vallaud-Belkacem publicly display their disagreement – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY / VIDEOS – Guest of Europe 1, the Minister of Education denounced “dangerous policy drift.” On RMC, the head of government was cropped and regretted a “misunderstanding”.

The controversy has had because of government cohesion. While many municipalities have recently issued orders prohibiting the wearing of Burkini – an Islamic swimwear designed to hide the female body at the beach – a lively debate is immediately born within the political class. Including the highest peak of the state, where the Prime Minister has publicly stated net “support” to the mayors who took such decisions.

Yet if Axelle Lemaire (Digital) and Bernard Cazeneuve ( interior) had already had to take some distance with the firmness displayed by the head of government, a minister flatly decided to disavow publicly: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Education). Guest of Europe 1 on Thursday morning, the tenant of the Rue de Grenelle reiterated its opposition to this garment, but she felt that “the proliferation (anti-Burkini arrested was) not welcome”.

“I think it’s a problem because it raises the question of our individual freedoms: how far are we going to verify that a holding is consistent with morality? And this also frees racist speech: we have noticed in the verbalization, in the incidents that took place, “she added, in an allusion to the disputed arrest of a woman on a Cannes beach. “This is a dangerous policy drift for national cohesion”, she has regretted a visibly annoyed tone.

Finally, considering that “there is no evidence of link between terrorism, Daech and holding a woman on the beach, “the former elected Rhone said refuse” at all costs we do reserve (the) issue of equality man-woman and the fight against inequality that the Muslim religion. ” “As if only the Muslim religion was problematic in the matter”, she concluded, justifying his annoyance by the supposed silence of the “right reponsables” on “conjuguales violence or wage inequality.”

Asked to react to the remarks live on RMC, the head of government immediately held to reframe his minister: “no, I do not think that these orders are a drift.” “You do not agree with Najat Vallaud-Belkacem?” Asked Jean-Jacques Bourdin. “Or is it that does not agree with me,” replied the host Matignon. “This is a wrong interpretation of things. These orders were issued in the name of public order, “he said, urging” men and women of progress “to” say with force “how the burkini reflects a” oppression of women “.

“See the excerpt, isolated by RMC:

later in the morning, the deputy PS Cher and founder of the current strong Left Yann Galut, is in is also strongly taken the Prime Minister. “Once again, the French Valls divides the left and to his own government … It is likely to do more in power,” he said on Twitter, up to qualify for Manuel Valls “neoconservative.”


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