Thursday, August 25, 2016

“Torn shirt”: the CGT Air France laid hold on judgment – Le Parisien

L e CGT delegate, whose dismissal by Air France after the episode of ‘torn shirt “was validated early August by the Ministry of Labour, Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the decision, said Wednesday his lawyer.

the lawyer of the CGT Air France, Ms. Lilia Mhissen, brought two actions from the Cergy-Pontoise administrative court ( Val-d’Oise), one at the bottom, for abuse of power, and the other in chambers, “to request to suspend enforcement of the decision pending the appeal review” at the bottom, has she said.

the Labour Inspectorate, seized upon dismissal of a protected employee, refused in January dismissal for gross misconduct of the staff representative (CGT). The management of Air France had then appealed to the Ministry of Labour, February 3, against that decision. In early August, the Minister of Myriam El Khomri work had finally confirmed the dismissal, arguing that the “alleged misconduct” was “of sufficient gravity to justify the dismissal of protected employee.”

Reinstated to his post after a layoff, this warehouse maintenance is accused by her employer of assaulting HRD of the company at the time, Xavier Broseta and two guards October 5, 2015 on the occasion of a demonstration organized the Air France headquarters at Paris against job cuts. Mr. Broseta was forced to flee the angry mob by climbing over a gate, the torn shirt.

VIDEO. HRD Air France is tearing his shirt

For me Mhissen, the minister did not rule on time. Especially, in the reasoning of its decision, “it did not characterize the intention to harm the licensee delegate, be it the moment he pushed the crowd to protect the cadres” of the company or the “where he pushed the guard. “Furthermore,” this gesture should be seen in context, the vigil with him previously given nudges, “Has she said.

The delegate and four other dismissed employees must meet the “group assault” on 27 and 28 September at the Bobigny Criminal court, alongside ten other defendants who had themselves been a single layoff. “Outraged” by the decision of the Minister of Labour, the Inter Air France called all employees of the company to show in court “to demand the release of all repressed” these days.


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