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Outrage at pictures of a veiled woman controlled on the beach in Nice – Le Monde

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A woman dressed in a tunic and a blue  turban is controlled and fined on the beach in the  Promenade des Anglais in Nice on 23 August.

the notion of” French secularism ‘becomes less and less understandable abroad. In a series of photos appeared online, including an article in the Daily Mail dated August 23, we can see a woman dressed in a tunic and a blue turban accompanied by three police officers approached, on the beach of Nice. On the last picture, she removes his shirt.

In a few hours, this scene has become the symbol of the blind application of laws made in several cities against France the wearing of religious clothing on the beach. Orders with blurred, described as “anti-Burkini” but also come back into practice verbalizing women who wear the veil at the edge of the sea. Neither woman photographed in Nice or Cannes family of mother verbalized August 16 were wearing the famous garment bath

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misunderstanding of the international press

in response, in the day of 24 August, the #WTFFrance hashtag for “What the fuck France? “ (” What are you doing in France? “) was head of the keywords discussed on Twitter. Comments raining, denouncing “unworthy images” and ironically on this incident in “country of human rights” . Activist Caroline de Haas tweets: “I’m so ashamed. “

Among the Anglo-Saxons, misunderstanding is growing. Already with the publication of the first arrested, the international press was outraged and had joked about the French polemic: “This is secularism? That’s what it looks like to be “liberal”? Men who force women to undress? “ to request a journalist Buzzfeed .

For the Anglo-Saxons, the prohibition of a garment in the name of secularism no sense in a social model where, in the name of individual freedom, religious clothing is allowed everywhere. The New York Times headline last week on the “French bigotry” , ironically on the hypocrisy of the “variable arguments” to justify ban, “the disturbing public order, health, safety and morals” , seen as a “reason to stigmatize and marginalize the Muslims of France”.

In front of the pictures of this woman removing a tunic in front of four policemen, some are surprised that there is now a kind of “morality police” forcing one or the other to adopt a particular garment. The “required (…) respectful of morality” figure in effect stopped Cannes, approved Aug. 13 by the Nice tribunal.

Christian Estrosi wants to avoid broadcasting images

a sign of the tension generated by the case, a statement issued Wednesday, August 24 in the afternoon by Christian Estrosi, the first Deputy Mayor of Nice and President of the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, speaks of a “manipulation that denigrates the municipal police and endangers its agents” and ad “of complaints were filed to prosecute those who spread the photographs of our municipal police as well as those who speak against them threats on social networks.”

“This lady was bathing with a turban, leggings and a long sleeve shirt, says one at City hall. It was verbalized. She then removed her top to show she was wearing a jersey but the officers told her she had to get in swimwear or leave the beach. She left “.

The council confirms the origin of the photos, some speculated that they could be a ” staging “ s analysis ‘based on the fact that they are sharp as they were performed “telephoto (…) if we judge by the nature of the photo and crushing the perspective on it. ”

Such doubts have arisen because of the unclear origin of disseminated photographs, no media having published the August 23 and 24 who have credited – initially – the author (including the national daily the Guardian ).

After research, the pictures were actually taken by an independent professional photographer collaborating regularly with the agency Best picture, partner in France Vantage News, a British photo agency that sold the pictures to various British media. According to a member of Best Picture contacted by Le Monde the photographer was on the beach in Nice to surround pictures when he fell on the scene, he photographed.


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