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Sarkozy raises false suspense by announcing his candidacy – The Cross

Former pr & # xe9; President and  candidate & # xE0; the & # xe9; election  in 2017 Nicolas Sarkozy & # xE0; Paris, 13 f  & # xe9; February 2016 / AFP / File

the former president and candidate for election in 2017 Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris on February 13, 2016 / AFP / File

(false) suspense was lifted: Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday announced his candidacy for the primary right to 2017 in a new book, “Everything for France” he hopes to be the “starting point” to the reconquest of the Elysee.

“I decided to be a candidate in the presidential election of 2017. France demands that it gives everything. I felt I had the strength to fight this battle at a time so tormented in history, “writes one who dreams of being the first former head of state to win the presidency of the Republic after a failure.

The party president Republicans, income policy in autumn 2014 to resume the UMP party -then weighed down by an abysmal debt and Bygmalion- case mechanically leaving his presidency as planned by the process the primary. Laurent Wauquiez, the very right-wing president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, should take over.

A woman holds a new book by Nicolas Sarkozy  o & # XF9; he announced his candidacy &  # xE0; pr & # xe9; presidential 2017 on 22  August & # XFB; t & # xE0; Paris / AFP

a woman holds a new book by Nicolas Sarkozy in which he announced his candidacy for president in 2017 on August 22 in Paris / AFP

on Monday night, he gathered supporters -François Baroin, Laurent Wauquiez, Gerald Darmanin or centrist Maurice Leroy for “informal dinner” at a restaurant he likes located in the 16th district, said his entourage. Tuesday, he will receive elected to his headquarters and provides a passage JT TF1 on Wednesday night before his first trip to candidate Thursday to Chateaurenard in Bouches-du-Rhône and campus youth in Touquet on Saturday.

in the prologue to his new book, Nicolas Sarkozy ensures loyalty to the primary process (20 and 27 November), new exercise right: “I will participate in the primary of the right and center I will respect each. rules. this is why as of this day, I leave the presidency of the Republicans. ”

 primary & # xE0, right and center / AFP

the primary right and center / AFP

It comes in this new book released Wednesday by Plon his campaign themes of “truth”, ” competitiveness “,” authority “,” freedom “. But it is especially the theme of “identity” in a context of jihadist threat, it will develop in the coming weeks.

For him “essentially the key to consistency throughout” the next presidential will be played on “French identity, its content, its respect, its future, and above all his sustainability “, he writes

-.” Not a little narcissistic happiness “-

he hopes to stand out from” the happy identity “, a target touted by its most serious rival, Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux. Mr. Sarkozy confirmed and he wants to return on alternative menus in school canteens.

Former pr & # xe9; President fran  & # XE7; ais Nicolas Sarkozy & # xE0;  Kriegsheim, in eastern France, July 9, 2016 / AFP

the former french president Nicolas Sarkozy in Kriegsheim, in eastern France, July 9, 2016 / AFP

it also proposes to “suspend” the family reunion because, he says, “the great problem of our immigration policy is first in the number.” He exposes his concept of “tyranny of minorities”, as it has already done, and calls for “a pact of assimilation.”

Many of the proposals contained in this book have already been made in the past months by the LR party.

Nicolas Sarkozy, who had declined the posts of police and soldiers during his five-year, also wants to focus its campaign on “authority”.

On the economic and social, it evokes lower expenses, degression of unemployment benefits after one year, or the tax cuts, with the elimination of the wealth tax and, as he had already indicated in his book released in January, a decrease of 10% tax on the income.

As government reentry day, so the former head of state becomes a candidate with a big challenge after failing in 2012 against Francois Hollande. Which asked about the bid on the sidelines of an international summit in Italy, declined to comment.

Nicolas Sarkozy and court records / AFP

Nicolas Sarkozy and court records / AFP

the official list of candidates approved by the High Authority will be published on 21 September. It is to this day the 13th candidate to the nomination.

Another unknown that could interfere campaign: justice. The former head of state remains in effect indicted for bribery and influence peddling in the actual investigation of “plays” and illegal financing of his 2012 presidential campaign in the Bygmalion folder. In both cases, he risks a return on trial at undetermined dates.

The former head of the state can count on the support of his former supporters as Christian Estrosi, or Christian Jacob, head of RS MPs, former close to Jean-Francois Cope, also a candidate for the primary.

Near Nicolas Sarkozy, Brice Hortefeux ensures that there is “no bitterness or revenge” and that “an application, not a little narcissistic happiness.”



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