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Sarkozy launches campaign in stating his project to starboard – The World

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Chateaurenard 25 August 2016. First  campaign meeting of Nicolas Sarkozy for the  primary party Republicans.

girls hysterical, the hoary heads euphoric waving blue-white-red flags … Nicolas Sarkozy held Thursday, August 25 his first meeting as a candidate for the primary from the right for the presidency in 2017 in Châteaurenard in the Bouches-du-Rhône, in a charged atmosphere . An impression accentuated by the suffocating heat in the middle of nearly two thousand people massed in the gym of the city.

After having saturated the media space in recent days by formalizing his candidacy Monday and exposed his presidential program in a new book, and then inaugurated on Tuesday his campaign headquarters, the former head of state has attempted to identify a show of strength through this public meeting.

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all of his supporters had been summoned for the occasion and the team claimed the presence of the candidate more than two hundred elected, including ninety parliamentarians. The front rows were including the mayor of Troyes, Baroin, tipped to get Matignon in victory; President of the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Christian Estrosi; Mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin; the acting president of the Republicans, Laurent Wauquiez; or former Minister Rachida Dati.

“I decided to run for the presidential election” , repeated the former head of state to beginning of his speech, to the cheers of his supporters. The choice to launch its campaign in this city – which has long been the reentry stronghold of his rival Jean-Francois Cope – is not insignificant: on this earth Southeast, or FN makes big scores, it is meant to symbolize the reconquest of voters went to the extreme right.

He surfs anxiety news

Not surprisingly, Mr Sarkozy outlined his proposals inspiration rightist – primarily focused on Islam, immigration and security – in order to surf an anxiety news amid terrorist threats. With success, because each stance on these issues triggered bursts of applause. The reliving rallies of 2012 was also striking …

Determined to appear as the first opponent of the socialist power, he regretted “a general decline of authority of the State “. And announced its willingness to “embody” new “The Presidency” , it considers “weakened” with the four years . Presidency of Francois Hollande

Accusing the head of state of lacking determination in the fight against the jihadists, he assured to be able to stem the wave of attacks that hit the country

“I want to face the terrorist threat, the French have confidence to be protected, instead of asking why the response of those who should govern us is so low. “

The themes dear to the far right

He again repeated his desire to lock preemptively S stuck without fear of suit the current legislative framework: “the rule of law can not be a state of weakness! “” I want to be the president who will restore State authority “ he summarized on a martial tone, taking his cap former interior minister or chief war when he said he wanted to “crush our enemies” .

as in 2012, he posed as the candidate of the “people” in lampooning a left that “betray the people” and would not dare address “real issues” . He promises to tell “the truth about reality” the French daily, assuming his choice of mainly tackle themes dear to the far right during his campaign, such as “the security “,” handouts “,” communitarianism “” immigration “or” national identity “

He declined the proposals contained in his book. grouping suspension family, exponential minimum sentences, elimination of medical aid state … positioned right all claimed, in order to seduce right voters and those passed to the FN in the context of the primary: “I will not be the candidate of warm water, half-solutions. “

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” The tyranny of minorities ”

“Our identity is threatened” , has he repeated, in a tone intentionally dramatic to justify its desire to ban the veil “to school, university, public services and businesses “. Without forgetting to support the mayors who have decided to ban the Burkini recent weeks and requiring the government “a prohibition law throughout the territory” only “not leave them alone mayors face of this provocation “.

Denouncing again ” tyranny of minorities “, it is taken as ” to left multiculturalist “ and ” communitarianism “. To be sure of a speech resonating with the aspirations of conservative voters, it is also presented as the defender of the family, the value of work and tax cuts.

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the loser of 2012, which arises in rallying his camp and swear not to want to attack his rivals, however, has not forgotten uncheck direction arrows of his main rival, Alain Juppe, presenting him as too moderate in the fight against Muslim communalism.

“I do not want to hear about reasonable accommodation, compromise. There are no compromises to do with radical Islam “, he launched. Not forgetting to accuse the mayor of Bordeaux, favorable to integration for immigrants, to be “scared” with his concept of assimilation.

While remains behind in the polls by Mr Juppé, Mr. Sarkozy concluded by displaying his confidence. “I am a candidate for the primary and we will win! “, he launched, calling again on ” People of France “ to support it. As in 2012

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