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Appeasement, a chimera in the political debate on the “burkini” – Le Monde

. A young mother and daughter on the beach  in Nice She explains that when she bathes, she  bathes in this outfit, a contemporary version:  leggings, shirt and veil tied in a bun.

How to “appease” while continuing to feed oneself debate? Friday, August 26, hours after the decision of the State Council to suspend the arrested anti-Burkini of the town of Villeneuve-Loubet (Alpes-Maritimes), the government called for calm.

“It is now up to everyone to search the responsibility appeasement, which alone is likely to prevent public order disturbances and to reinforce community life” , urged by release the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, taking “act” of the decision of the highest legal authority.

But in the evening, while the Elysée s’ was careful not to react, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said through a statement published on his Facebook page, the order of the State Council “does not exhaust the debate” . Risk revive the controversy that has gripped the French political world from the heart of summer

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the decision of the State Council is, indeed, a blow to the head of government who took a strong stand in favor of municipal ordinances against this swimwear. In an interview with La Provence , on 17 August, Mr Valls told “understand” and “support” mayors originally such orders. The burkini, he said, is “the translation of a political project of against-society, based in particular on women’s enslavement” “is not compatible with values ​​of France and the Republic “. Thursday, August 25, he drove the nail on RMC, ensuring that those arrested “is not a drift” .

“A resignation more»

the ultra-firmness of the Prime Minister eventually cause tension to his government. The last forty-eight hours the Ministers of Education, Najat Belkacem-Vallaud and health, Marisol Touraine took their distance publicly. “The decision of the State Council is timed because the fire was beginning to smolder in the government” , confided Friday to World a minister.

In his column, Mr. Valls recognizes, of course, that “the fight is legal” . But he believes it is “First and foremost, political, in the deepest sense of the word culture, to say that we do not accept” . For the Prime Minister, who considers for months that the next presidential election will focus on issues of identity and nation, Burkini refers to “the affirmation in the public space of political Islamism” .

“denouncing burkini is not in any way undermine individual freedom (…) is to denounce Islamism deadly, retrograde “, he wrote. As part of the oldest fighting as the headscarf to school in the late 1980s, the 2004 law on the wearing of religious signs and that of 2010 on the full veil in public places, the head of government believes that retreat from the question posed by this seaside practice would be “resignation over” .

If he avoids clever way to criticize the Council decision State, Mr. Valls persists nonetheless to display its intransigent convictions for Republic of combat. “Valls is in building a political position that goes beyond the law , is annoyed a ministerial adviser . The proof of the idea of ​​banning the veil at university, he knows that it is illegal. That does not prevent him from being ambiguous on the issue for months. “

Laws circumstances

But the executive does not speak, however, to legislate the ban on wearing the burkini. The Prime Minister knows that propose a bill on the subject, just months after the poisonous debate on the deprivation of nationality, may cause a government crisis of magnitude. Several ministers could decide to leave, foremost among them that of the economy, Emmanuel Macron, just waiting for an opportunity to get into the race for president.

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the government is facing at the same time to extreme right and a right-wing opposition, highly reactive, who called, on Friday to legislate. “to fight against communalism, to protect women, to assert secularism and our way of life, the legislature is the sole authority to act” , commented the president of FN, Marine Le Pen. Relatives of Nicolas Sarkozy have, too, used to call a Parliament initiative. “It is not the Council of State which governs and who makes the law in France,” , explained Guillaume Larrivé, spokesman of the party Republicans (LR). The Yonne MP intends to present to the National Assembly a bill against the Burkini Eric Ciotti, Deputy of Alpes-Maritimes and spokesman for the campaign of Mr. Sarkozy.

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No matter if such a text is unlikely to be voted, sarkozystes goal is elsewhere. Eight months before the presidential election, it is for them a new way to put pressure on Hollande and Manuel Valls. It is also an opportunity to address their most radical electorate within the primary from the right.

Even before the decision of the State Council, Mr Sarkozy had put the question the Islamic veil at the heart of his campaign. In his book All for Life (Plon, 240 pages, 18 euros), the former head of state is in favor of a law banning headscarves in government, business and academia.

But as the left, right remains divided. In an interview with Le Figaro published Saturday, August 27, Alain Juppé called “to stop adding fuel to the fire” and resist the “temptation to require circumstantial laws over the controversial media” .

“what legislates we? says to World Jean Leonetti, support Juppe and mayor (LR) of Antibes, Alpes-Maritimes MP, who himself has refused to take an anti-burkini stopped. a law against burkini, or law against religious symbols in public space? In this case, it would prevent any type of religious processions. It would be strange that those who claim the Christian roots of France prohibit the festivities in honor of the Holy Patrons. “

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