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Emmanuel Macron, little political support but economic Relay – The World

 Emmanuel Macron in his alllocution the Ministry  of economy and Finance on 30 August.

Read: Following the resignation of Macron, Fir appointed Minister of economy and Finance

“I wish today start a new stage and build a project that serves the general interest” , said Emmanuel Macron. This can be interpreted as a nomination

Nicolas Chapuis: Emmanuel Macron did everything on Tuesday 30 August, to avoid the subject of his candidacy in 2017, while sending clear signals. He clearly set a horizon “next year” . Already, in July, he had assured that the movement Running! was intended to carry a “Presidential Project” . The suspense seems low. It is unlikely that Emmanuel Macron gives all this trouble to finally give up.

That said, the now former Minister of Economy and Finance wants to remain master of his calendar and especially its communication . With the announcement of his resignation, he offers a big visibility. It certainly reserve his nomination for later in order to keep the cartridges.

The timing of this announcement is a little surprising. Why now, when he could leave to continue a wedge right?

Emmanuel Macron already planned to leave in July. The attacks in France have led to delay his resignation to avoid giving the impression to jump ship at the worst time. This September, he took advantage of a tiny breath, just after the weekend where the line was torn, to have its own media window. Communication plays a big role in the timing this decision

What support today. – Policies and personalities – Emmanuel Macron that can help campaign for 2017, or at least to develop his movement?

Politically, Emmanuel Macron has few supporters. Members include Richard Ferrand and Arnaud Leroy or the Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb … We’ll see in the coming weeks how many elected the following in its approach. The vast majority of left-elected should not join.

However, Mr Macron has many contacts in the business community. woven network when he was an investment banker and at the Elysee and finally at Bercy.

The former minister of the economy finally is betting that it can convert the capital it has in the polls in real political base. His movement, Power Up!, Will be quickly felt. Is it an empty shell or 60,000 claimed membership (number which can seriously doubt) they represent a real basis?

Is it reasonable to think of an application knowing the need ? to forge a political, organizational network of support, especially financial and in as little time

the obstacles on the road are many Emmanuel Macron if he wants to present: he must find the five hundred elected sponsorships; he has to find sources of funding; he must build a network capable of supporting the campaign … The list is not exhaustive. It is not for nothing that nominations out party came from civil society, have always failed to win in the presidential different. Emmanuel Macron is he able to succeed where all others have failed

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Knows his agenda is the upcoming weeks?

It should present by the end of September, the conclusion of door-to-door sessions held by its teams. The rest of the agenda remains indexed on when it will decide whether or not to run for president.

he Attending primary? He account to another political organization?

Emmanuel Macron has clearly explained that he wanted to devote to Power Up!, And therefore should not join another organization. As for his participation in the primary of the left, it seems unlikely. There would be no policy coherence claim to “neither right nor left” and to attend a primary from the left. Emmanuel Macron also knows that if he has an electoral base, this may not be the one going to vote in a primary from the left.

Do you think that Emmanuel Macron may finally be in the service of François Hollande, by appearing in the first round or participating in civic primary Socialist Party and launching the Hollande campaign themes?

this that have long wanted to believe the supporters of Francois Hollande the most optimistic. Emmanuel Macron would actually be an advantage for Francois Hollande, it would be responsible to round up an electorate that no longer believes in the power and François Hollande campaign ideas. But that is if François Hollande has never had control, the creature escaped the master long time. Emmanuel Macron plays its own partition since it is in Bercy. His decision to resign seems to enact a new stage in its emancipation.

Assuming a candidate for president, Emmanuel Macron would there be any chance of winning

Could not answer such a question. Emmanuel Macron has a high popularity rating. But many popular personalities in the opinion tumbled as they have embarked on a presidential campaign.


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