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Since his return, Sarkozy has changed … view – The Obs

Two years ago, Nicolas Sarkozy, who was not really gone, returned. 24 months during which the former president has struggled to stay on the front of the stage for a new candidate for president. 24 months pronouncements, statements, proposals and a number of delays. Nicolas Sarkozy often varies. The “Obs” returns to its multiple turnabout while the former president is now officially a presidential candidate.

# Marriage for all

activists of the Manif for all not forget. Everything started off well. Before several thousand supporters of the repeal, gathered in the 15th arrondissement of Paris during the campaign for the presidency of the UMP in November 2014, Nicolas Sarkozy stated:

“The Taubira law will be rewritten from top to bottom. [...] When we say ‘must be rewritten background fills’ if you prefer to be told that we should repeal it to make another, in french it means the same thing and it has the same result. “

But in his book,” France for life “, wham. The former president exchange speech:

“On reflection, I fear that, given the state of tension and division of French society which led to the method of François Hollande, the remedy be worse than the disease. so I do not want legislating again because priority should be to bring together the French. This is a point on which, I assume, I evolved. ”

It will be disappointed with the new who return to the streets on October 16 in an attempt to put pressure on candidates to the primary.

# The right of the soil

The sequence marked the spirits. In 2003, Nicolas Sarkozy is facing the President of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen on the set of France 2. While interior minister, he launched into a tirade in favor of vibrant ground rules:

“the right of blood can not be enough. we need the right soil, because there is always someone who has a crazy idea in my head, because it always has a blood n is not sufficiently pure. It takes how many parents to be French? (…) the right soil is part of our tradition, Mr. Le Pen. “

An attachment that still renews up in-between rounds of presidential elections in 2012: “I am for the right soil the right soil is part of the French tradition, we keep the law of the ground…” (…) “I was quite consistent on this position, even if this can cause us problems. The right soil, it is France .

But times have changed and the “mixed blood French” as it had in 2007 is now close with a few exceptions: “I want us to keep it, but not automatically” <. em> in an interview with “Current Values” 11 August 2016, he evokes, as in his book “La France for life”, the notion of “presumption of nationality, to not assign nationality someone who would have a criminal record in his majority, or which could prove that his parents were undocumented at the time of birth. “

# a referendum on Europe

There will be a before and an after Brexit. Ditto for Nicolas Sarkozy. first questioned on May 17 in the columns of “World” on the proposal for Bruno Le Maire of a referendum on Europe. Former President meets there be not favorable:

“I do not believe that the referendum is the best way to answer such complex questions about the rebuilding of Europe, which are . competence of parliamentary representation “

Then, less than a month later on June 23, Europe wakes up in shock, the English have chosen: it will Brexit

in an interview with France 2, Nicolas Sarkozy not at all exclude recourse to referendum:

“If I call a refoundation of Europe, with a new treaty, stating clearly and simply new choices and denying technocracy, the referendum question will arise “.

It should “not be afraid of the people,” he added. And again: “If the European idea, we do not believe, and if it does not stand the test of a referendum is that it is wrong.”

# shale gas

This is his first about-face, the same day of his return to the forefront of the political scene. September 25, 2014, Nicolas Sarkozy holds its first meeting in Lambersart. And in this speech he wants to founder in its reconquest operation, it adopts a new position on the maligned shale gas. At the risk of cough few defenders of ecology that have movement, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet ahead.

“I can not accept that the United States have become the point of view of the independent energy from shale gas and that France can not take advantage of this new energy while unemployment as ravaging of our territories and many of our families is unacceptable, “he said.

However, in October 2011, President Sarkozy had opposed himself to the issuance of three exclusive licenses shale gas exploration in the south of France. And it is also under his leadership that the hydraulic fracturing technique currently used to extract shale gas, a was banned in France through a vote bill UMP in July 2011, validated by the constitutional Council in October 2013.

# State medical Help

it’s grandiloquent words, the candidate Sarkozy had defended the state Medical Aid during a speech at Raincy, in Seine-Saint-Denis, the April 26 2012: “I prefer to say here even if it is unpopular because it’s the truth, I will not touch the emergency medical aid – I say to my parliamentary friends – because that is black, white, yellow, that is foreign or not, it is legal or not, a man at the door of a hospital that suffers, is ill and needs to be operated, the French Republic and the care of the works. “

in his” against fiscal shock “that explains in” Echos “February 3, 2016, there is no question of keeping this device “unpopular”. This is also one of the arguments put forward by Nicolas Sarkozy to advocate its abolition. “It will also remove the state medical aid, which derives cost shocks since 2012 and our compatriots,” said Nicolas Sarkozy.

#Donald Trump

Nicolas Sarkozy was first admiring of this electrical candidate that was given loser and has belied all predictions … Donald Trump was then a reassuring example of Republicans for president while lagging in the polls.

“Look what gives the US the candidates supported by the establishment and the media, they are swept by the candidate of the people. Trump is a foretaste of what will happen in France, “he launched on March 1, when the executive committee of the party. As a token of its own electoral fate. A model assumed by a friend of 30 years, Brice Hortefeux:

“Trump is an inspiration It has a very direct word and addresses issues previously ‘tabouisés’.. people do not want more than a trickle of warm, but policies that have character. “

but in London in late April, the tone is the same with regard to the American billionaire. In front of nearly 500 French settled in the British capital, Nicolas Sarkozy seems to be completely recovered from his American Dream:

“This man does not deserve so much interest that it is pretty scary, c ‘. is the impact it has. I find it terrifying that there is 30% of Americans who can recognize in there. “

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