Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dam up at St-Sulpice: the sub-prefect authorized a snail operation on the A68 –

the fairground angry go  back to work on Wednesday. / MSD, RB

                                 Fairground angry go back to work on Wednesday. / MSD, RB




The fairground do not support the Lavaur festival was canceled for security reasons and they do not intend to lower the flag. Tuesday afternoon, riot police had evacuated them from the A68 they occupied since morning with tear gas. This morning, the showmen have received from colleagues reinforcement Bordeaux, Grenoble and elsewhere … with gas masks.

The CRS were waiting on the ramp again motorway Saint-Sulpice. Never mind, other showmen have yet to arrive in the early afternoon. Meanwhile, protesters debunked several guardrails to force the dam if needed. They hope not to get to this end and that the situation will unlock with the reopening of negotiations. The sub-prefect of Castres is also en route to Saint-Sulpice which is already the colonel of the gendarmerie of the Tarn. The latter requested the support of a helicopter to monitor protesters in case the situation degenerating into a cauldron like yesterday. The drone spotted by some does not belong to the police but to an individual. His presence has no connection with the event.

For the record, an investigation was initiated on that gendarmes lived yesterday as an aggravated assault. It concerns an exasperated showman who took his truck and deliberately dark on law enforcement while honking. The gendarmes have moved away at the last moment. There were no injuries.

Currently, the ongoing negotiations on the main road between the sub-prefect and a delegation of showmen.

A 11 hours, agreement was reached between the sub-prefect and the fairground

the CRS will lift the dam. The fairground are allowed to make a snail operation 30 km / h No stopping from the motorway roundabout Gabor in Saint-Sulpice. They will take a little bit of highway to Montastruc-la-Advisor where they are going to turn around, go back to Saint-Sulpice, take the RD to Lavaur … and looping and up to 16 hours, or until the end of the negotiations due to start in the prefecture of the Tarn, Albi, 15 hours, between the prefect, Bernard Carayon, the mayor of Lavaur, and the delegation of the fairground.

the letter from the Ministry of interior

the letter to Bernard Cazeneuve she will tip the balance? Gabriel Kunde, Chief of Staff of the Minister of the Interior, sent a letter to Bernard Carayon, the mayor, who was arrested following his decision to cancel the fairgrounds and the fact that the fairground disagreed respect the cancellation.
“The Minister wishes to assure you that shares your commitment that republican order is respected everywhere and that the decision you have taken is not in question.” In this letter, it is stated that the minister’s office will contact the Tarn prefecture to determine the most relevant operational system so that the decision to Bernard Carayon is not contested. A letter is timely as, 15 hours prefecture opens negotiations with the mayor of Lavaur, union leaders and the prefect.

The outstretched hand of Bernard Carayon

So, Bernard Carayon, the mayor of Lavaur, is also willing to let off steam. He told us that, “if the prefect puts half the staff that there was now to secure the event fairground on the A68″, it would “agree that the festival takes place.”
In this case, the prefecture of the recommendations to secure the party would not be 70 gendarmes, as reported yesterday the mayor in an interview with the Dépêche du Midi but 32. Stay tuned.


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