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By bit, Alain Juppe meets Nicolas Sarkozy – The World

Alain Juppe, candidate for the primary  right, made his political comeback in Chatou,  Saturday, August 27 2016 2016.

Some enter the campaign as they lead a military offensive, deploying all their lieutenants in the media and massively hitting the opponent. This was the case of Nicolas Sarkozy this week with a book in which he derides the concept “Happy identity of” Mr Juppé, while Baroin fun on the radio ” the immense naivety “ the mayor of Bordeaux. Saturday 27 August, on the occasion of his political comeback on the island of the impressionists in Chatou (Yvelines), Mr. Juppé responded to sarkozystes bursts, often with small touches and sometimes with a few more shots backed brushes. What to reassure his supporters on his determination. “Today, after two years of dialogue with the French, I’m ready. I know what I want to do for our country out of its current slump. And I know how to do “, launched the former prime minister in the middle of the green in front of just over 2000 people. Before adding: “I am the man for the job. “

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While Nicolas Sarkozy dreams of identity , immigration and security the only theme of the campaign, Alain Juppe has shown a willingness not to let the calendar dictate the tone of discussions and exchanges:

” I will continue a campaign that looks like me. My campaign, not that of another. I’m not going to tell everyone what he wants to hear to seduce the short term and better to disappoint the next. I still refuse to exploit the fears, to flatter the lowest instincts. “

The former Prime Minister spoke Saturday, August 27 in Le Figaro against a law banning Burkini not throw ‘s oil on the fire “, unlike sarkozystes which will file a bill on the subject

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” This campaign can have a taste of back-y “

Alain Juppe among his supporters on  Saturday August 27 at Chatou.

a few minutes before Alain Juppe, another former prime minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, was also targeted Mr Sarkozy: ” the campaign must not have a moreish there. I do of course is that person saying “, has he explained before railing against the proposed law:

” Choose a secondary subject is avoid dealing with the main subject. (…) We will not oppose the French, we do not want to divide. When we have too much cleavage, it creates blockages and it is not possible to reform. It does not govern with hatred. Hatred is the strength of the weak. “

Mr. Raffarin is “heard good person” . But everyone understood what was his target.

If he never mentioned his rival at the podium but joked about the “defeatism doomsayers” Juppe responded point by point to attacks sarkozystes. “They will say that I am old. (…) I have never felt so calm in my body and in my mind. They will say that I’m too hard or too soft, left, center, or anywhere, statist or hyper-liberal, Atlanticist Gaullist or … All this, let me serene “, promised the mayor of Bordeaux. He took the opportunity to talk about him in defining themselves as a man “proud and a little shy lot, moderately athletic, ambitious and methodically romantically in love” . The candidate will continue this exercise in confession of an eBook that will be broadcast within fifteen days. There will also provide a roadmap for France in compiling its main proposals

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the campaign she will play on ideas

at the beginning of this campaign in the primary, the roles are well distributed: while Nicolas Sarkozy has clamped down on immigration offering to suspend family reunification, Alain Juppe wants to “together rather than trying to exclude or stigmatize, together rather than excite overbidding” . A position that does not match, as close to Nicolas Sarkozy in the rightward of the electorate on the issue of Islam.

In the face of these attacks, the former prime minister still held once its proposals on this issue: establishment of a charter of secularism, closed Salafi mosques, academic training of imams … But also on Anti-terrorism: creation of 10,000 prison places, increased penalties, mobilization of reserves the gendarmerie, creating a territorial intelligence service. Without going to the internment of stuck S as advocated by the rightist wing of the Republicans party (LR): “I will not accept a Guantanamo in French where we would lock without trial thousands of people on suspicion. “

But the campaign she will play on ideas? As expected, the primary is moving more towards a clash of personalities and past. As in 2007 and 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy wants to win the most radicalized right by adopting a martial posture and describing Alain Juppe as a “naive”. The eye riveted on polls, lieutenant mayor of Bordeaux have been saying that this election will be played on the “credibility and seriousness” . A subtle way of saying that Nicolas Sarkozy behind its liabilities and the results of five-year 2007-2012 where it has not kept its promises

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“I no longer believe in marketing” I changed. ” The only issue is that is most credible. We are not there to look seductive but to find the election “, told Raffarin to some journalists. “The play lasted five years. It is now more difficult to believe in special effects “, criticized for his part, Christine Albanel, former minister of culture. The mayor of Bordeaux team is confident that Nicolas Sarkozy is too damaged image in the view from a large part of the right and center. Make no retakes an electorate that was disappointed.

The polls seem for the moment to prove them right, as Mr Sarkozy lags behind despite a very active after the bombings Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray and application ad Blitzkrieg way. “It’s not up to us to change that. It is for others to pick us up, “ loose Gilles Boyer, director of the campaign of Mr. Juppe. An investigation has also been very successful in the Bordeaux Mayor’s team this week, that of Elabe institute: 79% of respondents say they do not want Mr Sarkozy again become president. Remains to be seen how much of the remaining 21% will vote on 20 and 27 November.


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