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Cazeneuve precise contours of the Foundation for Islam in France – Le Monde

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The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve,  and the president of the French Council of the  Muslim Faith, Anwar Kbibech on 24 August.

The government must show, Monday, August 29, in that he appoints the development of a “Islam of France”. the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, will conduct a series of “consultations” with members the french Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) as well as “personalities of the civil society” and parliamentarians, while the controversy over the “burkini” monopolized political debate in recent weeks.

the development, by the month of November of two institutions will be at the heart of these discussions: a Foundation for Islam in France, to cultural aim, and second to worship under. The idea of ​​a Foundation works in Islam dates back to 2005 and was launched by former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin; she had remained a dead letter

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“This is a new day step (…) for the successful construction of an Islam of France in respect of the Republic of values ​​”, reiterated Mr. Cazeneuve in an interview on Monday, the newspaper Cross . In June 2015, the Ministry of Interior announced a reflection on a new structure at the first meeting of the forum for dialogue with Islam.

Budget multimillion

the first foundation, to be chaired by former interior Minister Chevènement, “aims to support projects in the fields of education, culture, youth engagement, a detailed Cazeneuve. It can support the secular training of imams, the development of research in Islamic studies, to be a player of a better knowledge of Islam through his literary and artistic productions. “

She was thinking about the charitable foundations of existing model like that of the french Judaism, Protestantism or the foundation of Our Lady, which have budgets of several million euros.

the Foundation for Islam in France will she, from a smaller base. Private companies and individuals wishing to tax optimization opportunities are intended to be approached. Meanwhile, the state will abound in its capital up to a million euros, said the entourage of Bernard Cazeneuve. Similarly, the non-operating funds of one million euros made by industrialist Serge Dassault old Mr. Villepin of structure will be transferred to it

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A general manager will be appointed alongside Mr Chevènement “He or she will be Muslim” . Anwar says Kbibech, president of the CFCM. The choice of Jean-Pierre Chevènement, 77 and non-Muslim, sparked a misunderstanding, redoubled when, in an interview with Paris on August 15 and in full debate on the Burkini Mr Chevènement urged Muslims to “discretion” in the public space “in this difficult time” .

“Everything will be misunderstood , whatever I say in one way or another , the person said in an interview with Agence France-Presse Sunday, 28 August. only blows to take, no personal benefit to be expected. At the same time, this mission is necessary: ​​make an Islam of France, it is a national issue that should unite the left and right. “

The success of the current initiative is dependent on funds raised but also the credibility it jouiera the eyes of French Muslims, many refractory to the image of Islam led by public authorities and States of origin. “There is a movement that aims to ramp up and become legitimate and attractive” , wants an advisor to the minister of the interior. “This new structure will be the bridge between the Republic and the Muslims of France” , is Mr. Cazeneuve.

“Salon Elites’

Not sure the cast of the place Beauvau honor this ambitious promise. The board of the new institution will have eleven members, three representatives of the Ministries of Interior, Culture and Education, the president of the CFCM, two members of a “donor committee” and five qualified personalities. This is in addition to Chevènement, the reformist Islamic scholar Ghaleb Bencheikh, the Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, the rector of the Mosque of Lyon, Kamel Kabtane, and the upper part Najoua Arduini-Elatfani who chaired the Club XXI th century, a lobby aggregating figures from “diversity”.

“it’s a bit the same salon elites that revolve around the interior Ministry for years and who are in the politically correct, criticizes Sihem Zine, activist and president of the association Action right of Muslims. The Ministry is afraid of his youth. He prefers to surround himself with people who speak the same language for fear of being ruffled by different ideas “

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Beside this foundation, another structure must be set up, without the state this time is involved, to finance the construction or repairing places of worship and theological training of imams. Currently, nearly 15% of the financing of mosques in France come from abroad, according to the Ministry of Interior. The future religious association does not receive funds from abroad, wants the place Beauvau. “We are moving towards an exclusively French funding will come from both patrons and who will manage the collection of the levy on which halal advance” , explains Mr. Kbibech. This fee will be “contributions – voluntary and negotiated – players in the halal industry” says Mr Cazeneuve Cross

academic qualifications Islamology

in addition, if the government has no right to interfere in the theological training of religious leaders, he hopes to remedy the fact that the majority of those who officiate in France are trained abroad. Islamology university degrees focused on language, literature and history, are the seeds that would be offered in partnership with the few private institutes train imams in the territory, such as that of the Great Mosque of Paris or that of the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF). “We must organize this offer ,” said the entourage of Bernard Cazeneuve has asked the Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Thierry Mandon, to establish a working group make a “before December” . “ There is a maximum of what the state can and should do more for training imams in France”

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Asked about the consequences of the decision of the Council of State, Friday, August 26, broke a antiburkini arrested, and while the right calls for the adoption of a law, the interior minister recalled in Cross the government “refuses to legislate on this subject because a law would be unconstitutional, ineffective and likely to create antagonism and irreparable tensions “

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