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Mélenchon, the Burkini and hipsters – The Obs

While the government keeps on getting caught up in the controversy surrounding the burkini, Jean-Luc Mélenchon traces its route. After a meeting with the look of coup, which brought together “around 10,000 people”, according to his entourage, June 5 last Place Stalingrad in Paris, the candidate of the “France rebellious” presidential gave visit his supporters in the garden of the observatory of Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).

on Sunday, 2,500 “unruly” as Mélenchon like to call them, came picnic under gray skies and warmth stifling. Some settled on the grass. Others preferred one of the long tables arranged in front of the circular platform where Mélenchon appeared around 14 hours.

“hipster Who’s Who is a fundamentalist?”

Here we go for an hour and a quarter to a speech highly social content, news requires. The burkini? “An unnamed farce, an embarrassment to our country and for ourselves,” growls a “Méluche” visibly risen as much right, Sarkozy in the lead, calling these days a law to ban it. Despite the suspension Friday by the State Council, the arrested anti-Burkini of Villeneuve-Loubet (Alpes-Maritimes), which has not prevented several mayors to keep them in their community.

the city fathers “do not comply with the law, then how can they blame others not to do it?” joked the candidate.

“Ah, you want to legislate on clothes now? But finally where will we? You’ll make a garment police? Measure the length of skirts? and those of barbs about who is a hipster who is a fundamentalist? “

Laughter in the audience. “The succession Burkini a willingness to inferiority and alienation of women’s bodies. But it is never the prohibition that emancipates” explained earlier the coordinator of the Left Party Danièle Simonnet.

So, Mélenchon advantage of his visit to Toulouse to undertake a development on its own intentions regarding secularism. “He needed to redefine it. It was necessary,” said his spokesman Alexis Corbiere. “If you elect me, there will be no funding, in any way, of any religious building to build,” said Mélenchon, also promising the “abrogation of the Concordat in Alsace-Moselle” or prohibition, for senior civil servants and ministers “to participate in any religious exercise whatsoever.” And “me, he said, I will not accept to be canon,” he says in the address Sarkozy and Hollande, both holders of this honorary title granted by the pope.

“Abolition of the presidential monarchy”

the candidate Mélenchon not neglect his favorite themes. Europe leads on which he promises a referendum on his arrival in power. “We’ll have to get out of European treaties,” he repeated, in line with his latest work “The era of the people” (Threshold), landing as “the candidate of a new French separatism”.

This Sunday, “the abolition of the presidential monarchy” and the election of a constituent assembly of citizens drawn, it calls for, is also planned. Like the “ecological planning” pillar of his program: “We are all passengers on the same vessel in danger or we put the same captain in the cockpit: money,” he says, also advocating the “return to family farming.”

He promises to “repeal the El-Khomri law” and to pay taxes to “everyone in proportion to its means” do not forget the social aspect:

“. poor people are not a burden they can be a chance for the human collective.”

the Executive and government, that usually Mélenchon tance-for-all, are a little less focused than usual. “They will begin the farewell tour in Colomiers,” he jokes about the reentry meeting held Monday in the nearby town of Haute-Garonne, in the presence of Manuel Valls and PS boss Jean- Christophe Cambadelis.

the reproach the Communists, its 2012 allies reluctant for now to support it, is also contained in an allusion to “those who should be with us in brotherhood we compete their support. ” Mélenchon, who has yet met that 200 sponsorships of the 500 needed for a candidate, has already made an appointment with his supporters Place de la Bastille in Paris, as in 2012. It will be on March 18 next.

Audrey Salor


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