Saturday, August 27, 2016

Died after an altercation between motorists – South West

Rebière Nicolas and Margaux dubieilh

On Thursday evening, 22 hours, Avenue Jean Mermoz in Pau. A rather quiet neighborhood, where multi-storey buildings lining this here called “the road to Bordeaux,” a busy road of the city. At the intersection of the avenue Fouchet, at a red light, two cars side by side. In the 307, a young man takes part to the driver of a Citroen C5 estate. He reproaches him through the open window, for having stuck too closely, invokes the safety of his two young children who are on board, finally out of the car, step one or more times on the back of Citroën.

The other motorist, fifty out of the car and hit the young man in the heart, with a gun of unknown precise nature. A knife or tool, at least one blade, investigators believe today. An autopsy will determine accurately. Then the author suddenly returned to his car and goes, almost quietly, some witnesses.

In addition, the young man, aged 29, a native of Dax (Landes), but known in Béarn where it remained, staggers and collapses in front of his girlfriend, her two young children who were in the back, and the couple Pau accompanying them. The cries of his girlfriend alert the neighborhood. Employees of a pizzeria next to alert firefighters and police officers.

Under the eyes of his children

A young man descends from home with a towel and put a pressure point on the wound from which blood escapes before the fire department and the ambulance will support the injured.

He died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The scene, yet quick, shocked an entire neighborhood, unaccustomed to such a rampage. According to numerous reports, the drama took place very quickly. A neighbor, met yesterday morning avenue Jean Mermoz, did not hear any altercation before leaving home, maddened by the cries of the wife of the victim. Yet others speak of an early short voices, before the shot is taken. Since Thursday night, police officers of the Departmental Safety Pau Police are on the trail of the author of the mortal blow. Last night, the Pau parquet called man “a great bat, fifties,” according to witnesses on site Thursday to go “as soon as possible in a police or gendarmerie” to give his explanations what happened. The police know anyway identity. It would be an entrepreneur or artisan, native of the area, he was traveling in a Citroen C5 dark, registered in 2313 ZC 64. What seems particularly surprised the investigators was that he had never made mention him before, and would a priori not fool profile of the steering wheel or the hyperviolent.

The suspect remains at large

He became frightened, while the young man some describe as impulsive, had just taken part in? Testimonies speak of an absence of reaction on his part, while the young driver was out of the car with the intention to explain. Investigators are questioning especially on the course of the two cars went up the avenue to the north of Pau. Will it had a first collision, verbal or otherwise, between the two conductors, 200 meters before the scene of the tragedy?

Yesterday, the police priority remained the arrest of the author of the mortal blow. They tried in vain to locate him and have not found him at home, his mobile phone was switched off.


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