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To his return, the Socialist majority and torpedo Sarkozy warns against the “splitters” – Le Monde

 the Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the Secretary  of the Socialist party Jean-Christophe Cambadelis  during the reentry meeting of the Government on  Monday 29 August.

Several ministers held on Monday August 29 evening at Colomiers in the Haute-Garonne, a very secure reentry meeting, under pressure from unions and amid strife started in the government about the burkini. A meeting on the theme of the republic, which was, after canceling the PS summer school in Nantes, make alternative figure to rally the majority.

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After the speeches of the PS first secretary, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, and ministers Stéphane Le Foll (agriculture and spokesperson of the Government) Marisol Touraine (health) and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (education), the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, closed the meeting to 20 hours. “Let us be proud of our record, let’s be proud to be left and to be Republicans! “, he launched.

” If we start divided we lose “

The head of government referred to the “considerable threat” that represents him as the former president Nicolas Sarkozy, who “requires” its agenda to the right and “sits on the main principles of the Constitution “

” Towards where Nicolas Sarkozy is prepared to take the country to prevail? (…) It is a brutal program of clashes, which aims intermediate bodies and our social model “

Dramatizing the issue of presidential – ” never in the V th Republic an election been so important, complex and dangerous “ – Manuel Valls stressed ” immense responsibility “ from the left in the “historic moment” marked by the emergence of “Islamist totalitarianism” , the threat of “Europe dislocation” , the “” trumpisation “minds” .

“If we start divided we lose fail” , he warned in denouncing – for Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon – “race dividers” and the “outrageous attacks, sometimes intolerable, even in respect of the head of the State! “. Manuel Valls, speaking before an Areopagus a dozen ministers, and about a thousand activists in this stronghold of the left, pointed out the need for ” a project, a vision “ that makes you want the French to ” give a new five-year term left “.

” a new totalitarianism “

Manuel Valls, who found himself isolated last week within his own government on the issue of “burkini” reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to the “freedom” of women.

“on the role of women, we can not compromise. Marianne, the symbol of the Republic, it has the naked breast because it feeds people, it is not veiled because it is free. That is the republic. “

The prime minister has denounced in a speech introducing more than half an hour, ” new totalitarianism “ ” Totalitarianism Islamic, with a will: break democracies crush individual freedom, install a social, a men’s domination of society on women ‘. For him, the Islam “tackles France because we are France ‘, ” the land of secularism and the 1905 Act “ but also “the country that has a message for the world.”

“We are facing a war of a new kind. We must therefore profoundly change our safety culture, adapting our behavior, integrating threat, and yet never give up living! “

” All refounding “in Europe

Manuel Valls also suggested that the European left to fight for the relaxation of the Stability Pact, which provides that the public deficit of a state is less than 3% of its gross domestic product. “The European left, social democratic, should hear more about the economic recovery, the relaxation of the rules of the stability pact, to fight against social dumping and tax leakage, the record of posted workers “, has he said.

part of the left criticizes the president Francois Hollande not to have succeeded in redirecting fiscal rules in Europe as he had promised during his campaign in 2012, agreeing to sharp declines in public spending and tax increases to reduce the deficit.

following the “Brexit” at the end of June, Mr. Valls Colomiers told he had to “rebuild all” in Europe. “Rebuilding a healthy basis, back to basics: safety and security; growth and employment; management of major environmental and migration crises “. “Europe is a great idea: that peace prevails over war, the union that transcends nationalisms” , but, he added, “to preserve the essential, we must all change”

Back of the government. hundreds of people are a “against-meeting”

Several hundred people gathered Monday in the town of Colomiers to a “rally-against” , just steps from the appointment of return of government. A crowd of 400 people, according to police, dominated by a swarm of union flags – South, CGT, FSU – and political – Lutte Ouvrière, NPA, Young Communists – was formed gradually in the square outside the city hall at the end of afternoon.

“No to the labor law and its world! “ said a placard, when another, shaped coffin launched: ” Here lies the Socialist Party “. An inter-CGT-FSU-Solidaires-UNEF-LDIFs-UET (Student Union of Toulouse) had indeed called for “against-meeting unitary” , joined by the NPA and the Party activists left. Mid-August, the CGT had called “indecent provocation” the holding of this meeting in the hometown of the former union leader Georges Seguy, who died recently.

“What is the most detestable is that [Manuel Valls] comes here (…) on behalf of the Republic in the country Jaurès, and he defends himself, as the Republic is the opposite of what we stand for in terms of brotherhood and social justice “, said Stéphane Boras representing South. labor law, dismissal of an employee of Air France this summer: “There is a big social dispute with the government, which justifies our call today , said Jean-Philippe Gadier, Members of the departmental secretariat of the FSU. Although there are fewer demonstrators in the streets, it does not mean they are satisfied. It remains an open wound. “


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