Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Emmanuel Macron: a fragile base left despite a report highly rated – Le Figaro

COMPUTER GRAPHICS – According to our study OpinionWay- Le Figaro , the French judge rather positively the balance sheet of the outgoing Economy Minister. However, 67% of supporters left does not want his candidacy for president.

Among the political noise of resignation and Emmanuel Macron the real appreciation of the event by the French, our survey OpinionWay- Le Figaro reveals a mismatch. “There is no expressed regret over the departure of the minister,” says Bruno Jeanbart, Managing Director of Opinion Way. Stressing the seemingly mixed feelings expressed on its balance sheet, it notes, however, that such a score (46%) is “rare” in the five-year Holland. “It has been more successful than others during his time at Bercy,” he notes. The weakness of expectation regarding the possible Macron candidacy for president (78% of the French do not regret his resignation) can also be understood as the logical sense of those who are eager to see the race.

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According to the study, 62% of French people consider his resignation as a “bad thing” to against François Hollande and 67% of left sympathizers do not want her presidential candidacy. Such a lack of enthusiasm in his own camp equation reveals that the Macron resigning will probably solve if it wants to incarnate an alternative candidacy to that of the head of state.

Emmanuel Macron is facing a potential weak during this interim period during which, no longer in business, he can no longer enjoy the same visibility

Bruno Jeanbart , embody a popular personality with a positive image of modernity and renewal does not require you mechanically in public opinion and the political field. Moreover, the former minister of economy is facing a potential weak during this interim period during which, no longer in business, he can no longer enjoy the same visibility. “There may be the risk of erasing says Jeanbart, seen well with Montebourg for two years after leaving the government, his return is not a simple operation.”

If 38% of respondents want to see Macron run for the presidential election (score “significant” according to the sounder and better than those measured for Hollande and Sarkozy), the analyst insists, however, that some candidates, such Juppe, are -Dessus that figure and that any candidate Macron can not rely on a solid foundation left as is hoped, for example, Sarkozy’s camp. “There is no macroniste nucleus in society,” observes Bruno Jeanbart still stressing the complexity of mounting a movement on such disparate bases. “He made his best scores instead of older. 45% among those 65 and older and 32% only in 10-24 years. “His electorate, more urban, is more at the heart of the governing parties, in the most politicized layers and easier.

Emmanuel Macron is it a mirage? “Today, it is an image that political reality,” says Bruno Jeanbart, explaining the phenomenon of dissatisfaction left deliquescent Research figures and no candidate able to impose . “But it is not because a president appears in great difficulty as it increases the chances of anyone,” he said.


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