Monday, August 29, 2016

Corsica: a mayor killed in motorcycle, weapons and 100 000 found on him – L’Express

The Corsican investigators exclude any hypothesis of murder in the death of Charles-Antoine Casanova, Mayor of Guarguale aged 52 on Monday. The aedile right of this town of a hundred inhabitants, in Corse-du-Sud, was killed on a motorcycle on the outskirts of Ajaccio, around 8am. A judicial source evokes “a traffic accident without third party intervention”. The fifties, who suffered serious head injuries by France 3 and Corse Matin , has died at Mercy Hospital, soon after admission.

Investigators will now determine the origin of the 104 000 euros in cash as the 7.65 caliber weapon, found in the mayor’s bag. Relatives said quoted by a source with knowledge of the case, this gun was “a way to protect themselves.”

Anti-marriage for all and excluding Maghreb Sisco

Charles-Antoine Casanova was illustrated in 2012 by publicly asserting his will to violate the marriage law for all, then just adopted. In the pages of Corse Matin , he had hammered this refusal. “I am willing to withdraw myself from the law by refusing to unite two people of the same sex in my town I measure the size of my action.”

In mid-August, the aedile had again made about him, this time calling on Facebook to Mayor Sisco “definitively exclude all North Africans and their families in his village,” after a brawl Moroccans between Furiani and villagers over a creek. He had been a movement of outrage on Twitter and a petition had been shared, to ask his conviction. She collected 22 000 signatures to date.


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