Friday, August 26, 2016

Sisco forced exile in Paris the protagonists of the brawl – The Point

Jamel B., 29, no longer feels safe in the Bastia region – where he lived for thirteen years – since the brawl of 13 August, after which the young man unknown to police was placed under judicial review. This worker in construction, holds a CAP obtained in Bastia high school and small-son background old Moroccan fighter who participated in the liberation of Corsica, arrived in Paris on 25 August with his wife and child to deposit a complaint of death threats, he says, and see a group of lawyers who came forward to defend him and his two brothers, one is incarcerated.

We have not privatized the beach met the young man “traumatized” by the brawl to national and international impact in its francilien hotel. On its face, it bears the marks of the brawl triggered, he said, by racist motivations. “We went on the beach of Sisco which is a 45 minute drive from my house to be quiet and use discretion. At no time, we have privatized the beach. It’s everyone. Closer to home, other people were swimming there was no problem, “he said in his soft voice. The frail young man is not really cut out to pick a fight: “I never had any problems in Corsica before. My family has ties to the region since 1943 when my great-grandfather was involved in the liberation of Corsica. His name is inscribed on the monument to the neck of Teghime [dominating Bastia and renamed neck of Goumiers, Ed]. “

No one protects us

” I left Corsica because no protect us, not even the state. We were threatened with death, the police were powerless over attacking horde of women and children. They burned our three vehicles, I have 10 days ITT [total incapacity to work, Ed], while Bastia Hospital asked me to leave my bed the night of my transfer by helicopter. During my transfer, on the stretcher, I was struck and spit on me. “He said the situation was tense when the Corsicans Sisco began taking pictures of his wife wearing a hijab.

Jamel holds a harpoon. Like many Corsicans, he uses it to fish. He said it was stowed in his car when the fight broke out. “After the first altercation was stored our belongings to leave, and the spear was in the trunk when the villagers fell on us. As they set fire to vehicles, I think it can no longer be used in the investigation, he assures [on record, an opposing protagonist says he was hit by a harpoon arrow, Ed]. But during the fight, I fainted. All I remember from my last move, I put my child in my legs and I was curled up to avoid a pebble not hurts. It was indeed all sitting behind us because it was empty … “

Audience September 15

No one in the family saw Jamel Lupino in the popular district of Bastia, where yet come to show the day after the fight the people with cries of “Arabs out”, “we’re home.” His father and brother live on the outskirts of Haute-Corse prefecture. “My brother is in prison [known to police, Ed] and my father awaits only the court decision. My third brother has returned to Spain where he lives. “Will they be present at Bastia on 15 September in the correctional hearing to decide judicially protagonists? The question remains unanswered. Nonetheless, his entourage led him to appear before the magistrates.


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