Thursday, August 25, 2016

Burkini Manuel Valls reframes Najat Vallaud-Belkacem – Le Parisien

A at the Council of State examines today one of bylaws to ban Burkini on beaches, this outfit very opaque beach continues this Thursday to divide politicians, particularly in government.

to the Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem , “the proliferation of anti-arrested burkini is not welcome, “said she told Europe 1. it is said” against the burkini “asks:” How far are we going to verify that a holding is consistent with good manners? This frees racist speech and, as we have noticed in the verbalization, incidents … “Or, whichever is the former Minister for Women’s Rights,” there is no established link between terrorism and holding Daech a woman on a beach. It was led to believe that there was evidence in this connection, “she complains.

Asked whether the anti-Burkini arrested liberated racist speech Manuel Valls replied dryly: “These orders are not drift. I do not agree with it or is it not agree with me, “responded the Prime Minister, adding:” This is a wrong interpretation of things. These orders were issued in the name of public order. The burkini is the subjugation of women. “

Earlier, on RMC and BFM TV, the Prime Minister had reiterated its support to the mayors who took those arrested. “A scarf is a scarf, Burkini is Burkini a burka is a burka. (…) This name comes from the word bikini and burqa word and this is my symbol of enslavement of women, as if the woman was shameless and had to cover it in the public space. “

 But a qualified head of government, “when it comes to symbols, we must act wisely. (…) The application of those arrested should be with great discernment by the municipal police, “he said, adding that” everything that can appear as a stigma, a desire to attack Islam, not to be confused with radical Islam, we must fight against it. “

Asked later Thursday morning during a trip to the University Paris-Est Créteil, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said he did not see “any difference between the statements of Manuel Valls and [hers].” “I agree with Manuel Valls when he says that we should not legislate Burkini. We obviously agree on the essentials. The subject is effective to terrorism, “she said.

 To Marisol Touraine: , Minister of Health, “as if, by bathing or veiled staying on a beach dressed, it in itself threatening public order and values ​​of the Republic, c ‘ forget is that these values ​​must specifically allow everyone not to deny his identity. ” In his blog post, it also tackle Sarkozy that mixes in her “immigration, religion and terrorism, calling for assimilation.”

more nuanced position for the Minister of Agriculture and holder government spokesman, Stéphane Le Foll , on iTV “We are not dupes” of “political provocation” that contain some burkinis. But this close to François Hollande warned against the risk that would conceal a prohibited multiplication: “Cohesion of France is a key issue and all that stir and seek an element to divide France take big risks “. “Our political project is to affirm firmness” against “identity and communitarian ‘ambitions and” at the same time the cohesion “of the Republic, the minister said.

Meanwhile, Jean-Luc Mélenchon application “reflection.” Annoyed by the inflamed debate within French society – divided between a firm response to the “political provocation” of Burkini and fear of stigmatizing all people of Muslim faith – the presidential candidate of “France rebellious” warns ” the police manners and clothes, is something very complicated. “

Why not ban all religious symbols in public spaces such as Nicolas Sarkozy proposed, but in this case, the advance MEP of the left Party on France 2 must be prohibited as the “skullcaps” and “cornets” worn – less -. Catholic religious

” There is no set or Mohammed or Jesus or Moses concerning ! the swimwear “

luc melenchon (France 2)

Mélenchon implore almost” Please, stop! The France will not spend its time discussing religious dress. (…) Religions often tend to give primacy to men over women, but the real problems come not from religion but communalism using women’s bodies as community boundaries. (…) I say to all religious leaders that there is no set or Mohammed or Jesus or Moses for swimwear! God is not concerned by the hair and hair “, was he even won.

“Mr. Holland pays the price for the addition of 2012. He was elected through a political Islam”

Eric Ciotti (RTL)

The very right-handed MP LR Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti blamed” permanent cowardice that live the present government “and prevent it from responding to the rise of radical Islam in France. And these “cowardly acts” have only one reason for the now campaign spokesman Nicolas Sarkozy: “Mr. Holland pays the price for the addition of 2012. He was elected through a political Islam” , he said on RTL. Revived twice on this amalgam between Muslim voters, who have chosen to vote Hollande in 2012, and political Islamism, Ciotti maintained his accusation, citing “massive support” building on “all investigations politics that define the sociology of the electorate. ” “We see good, then, there have been calls,” he added. It is “a monstrous statement in the period we are going through and a statement deeply anti-republican,” responded the Socialist Party on Thursday afternoon. “Nicolas Sarkozy’s spokesman did there no limit? Has he no decency, no principle, no respect for the presidential office and to all the French? We demand of the member of the Alpes-Maritimes him back immediately on his words and ask the Party Republicans to condemn with the utmost firmness “.


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