Friday, August 26, 2016

cliff landslide in Seine-Maritime: no victim found Thursday night – Express

Over 100 m of cliff collapsed, nearly 50,000 m3 of rock on Thursday at 14 hours on a beach of the Alabaster Coast, north of Fecamp in Seine-Maritime. In a statement released in the afternoon, the prefecture was that people could have been buried under the rocks. But no casualties have been recovered yet.

“The research was interrupted around 18:30, after decision of the mayor of the town,” said Captain Eric Tirelle, spokesman for the Committee departmental operational fire and rescue Seine-Maritime. Both dogs specialized in earthquakes, which participated in the search, “noticed no hot spot,” said Eric Tirelle.

Frequent landslides

According to the fire and rescue service (SDIS) of Seine-Maritime, these suspicions came from testimonies of bystanders who may have seen people on where the landslide occurred. The Sdis said he had mobilized 45 firefighters and two ambulances.

He also received the backing of a dog team came from the Calvados to check the presence or absence of victims under the debris. Such phenomena are frequent on the Alabaster Coast, where the limestone cliffs are weakened by erosion and rain.


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