Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sarkozy leading the charge against the burkini – The World

Nicolas Sarkozy during his interview on TF1  in Paris on 24 August 2016.

the former party president and Republicans in the primary candidate of the right to the 2017 presidential led the offensive against the burkini, Wednesday, August 24 on TF1. In an interview with 20 hours, Nicolas Sarkozy said the burkini was “a provocation in the service of political Islam.”

“If we do not put an end, the risk is that in ten years, the girls of the Muslim faith who do not wear the veil or burkini be stigmatized and will entourage under daily pressure “, he warned

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Nicolas Sarkozy drives the point in an interview with Le Figaro Wednesday “Wear burkini is a political act, militant provocation. Women who wear the test the resistance of the Republic. Doing nothing is suggest that France appears weak and it would enact a further decline of the Republic. “

The Burkini port stirs controversy for several weeks. More than 30 cities, including Nice and Cannes, have issued orders prohibiting wearing the

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Reforming the Constitution or organize a

Nicolas Sarkozy also proposed “a law that bans all conspicuous religious symbols not only in school but also to university in administration and also in business. “

new fact, he says that if the constitutional Council opposes it plans to reform the Constitution, or to hold a referendum

“If the constitutional Council opposes it, we can reform the Constitution, or even directly question the French. It was revised many times the Constitution since 1958, I do not see why we are told today that we could not do so on important issues that affect our values. “

He reacted to the intervention of Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, who warned against stigmatizing Muslims: ” So this means that there no rule. “” The state has resigned and leaves mayors face this reality “, has he commented.

He then shelled the proposals detailed in his book, all for France. It proposes doubling lower expenses, eliminate charges on home jobs, down from 10% the income tax, but also ” suspend the right to family reunification as long as Europe has not adopted a new Schengen “

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