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Schools: Security strengthened in September against the terrorist threat – Le Point

Enhanced Security for back next week, mobile patrols all year: The government on Wednesday introduced measures to allow schools to adapt to the terrorist threat

Over 3,000 reservists. of the gendarmerie will be mobilized to back to school on September 1 in 64,000 schools, said the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told a joint press conference with the Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem .

“throughout the year, special attention will be paid in the vicinity of establishments,” he he said, adding that the “dynamic monitoring near schools, colleges and universities will be enhanced by mobile patrols “in connection with the municipal police.

the principals will also” count on the commitment of the corresponding 2391 gendarmes and police security + school + present in police stations and brigades gendarmerie, “the Interior Minister.

the prefects must also meet in September” a departmental security staff of “devoted to the protection of school space.

The Education Minister said for his part that an additional EUR 50 million will be released to help local authorities to make emergency security work of schools. Town halls are indeed responsible for buildings with regard to schools, departments for colleges and regions for high schools.

She stressed the “strong will to develop in the school institution culture sustainable management of risk and security. “

eight days of school, the government has sought to reassure parents, students and teachers, representatives of which, however, call for not falling into the psychosis.

France lives for over a year and a half in an unprecedented terrorist threat after a series of attacks claimed by jihadist Islamic State organization (EI).

the teachers are among the many targets cited by EI. In an issue of November 2015 Dar-al-Islam, the French magazine Propaganda, called to “fight” and “kill” the officials of Education, “the enemies of Allah” who “teach secularism” and are “open war against the Muslim family.”

– Exercise attack with intrusion –

Many steps have already been announced. During the summer, a circular dated July 29 addressed to the prefects and presidents listed several provisions in addition to previous texts published after the attacks of 13 November.

To the Ministers of Education and of Interior, security of schools is an “absolute priority”.

A school has been the target of an attack in France in March 2012, Mohamed Merah was shot dead in the name of jihad, a teacher and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse, in front of establishment and in the yard.

Philippe Tournier, head of the largest union of management staff, said that institutions have no dedicated security personnel, “while the lesser T store -shirts a vigil search bags at the entry “

an argument which the education minister retorted:”.. strengthening mobile patrols is the most suitable answer schools are not open to the public, unlike the stores. ”

Among the main security measures include mandatory organization of three security exercises within institutions (against two so far), one simulating an attack with intrusion.

academies must ensure updating of telephone directories of principals and inspectors to any alert can be quickly transmitted. Sending a SMS alert will be tested the day before school starts.

Side students are provided “an awareness of life-saving” college students in third grade, and training in patent rescuer “of all delegates pupils”.

It is also asked principals to hold “reentry meetings with parents to expose their security measures,” and, in colleges and high schools to inform students and parents “after the summer”

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