Friday, August 26, 2016

Juppe oppose legislation of “circumstance” prohibiting Burkini – The Point

Alain Juppe, candidate for the primary from the right, said he opposed a law Friday to “occasional” prohibiting Burkini after the decision of the State Council which put a halt to these prohibitions in an interview published Saturday in Le Figaro

While his rival, Nicolas Sarkozy, called for a law, the mayor of Bordeaux says. “resist the temptation to demand laws of circumstance over controversies media “. “Today, in the state of tension and suffering in which the French company is located, we would all do well to stop throwing oil on the fire,” said the mayor of Bordeaux, which states that it had approved the exclusion orders.

the former prime minister had already declared against the headscarf ban at university advocated by Nicolas Sarkozy, then president of LR and not candidate for the primary 20 and 27 November 2016.

“the issue of wearing ostentatious religious signs is important, particularly because it can be for women a form of confinement,” says Mayor of Bordeaux. “It will address it clearly, as I propose, in a comprehensive agreement between the state and representatives of the Muslim faith,” he said.

“The Republic must engage in dialogue with our Muslim countrymen to set the rules in a formal agreement on the principles of secularism” that will include “a charter of secularism”.

When asked with whom to negotiate the agreement, he said: “that’s the problem.”

“The representative of the French Council of the Muslim Faith is sometimes challenged (…) It must be truly representative of the Muslims of France, without connection with foreign states, which means that our compatriots Muslims take their responsibility to organize, “he said.

“It’s not the blame or stigmatize of saying it,” he added.

“And I say to our Muslim fellow citizens: Today we note in this religion hardening, a return to what some consider the original rigor, which can lead to proselytizing behaviors around provocation. we must calm things down on one side or the other, “he added.

While Nicolas Sarkozy says the French identity is “threatened” and lambasted the concept of identity happy promoted by Alain Juppé, especially in his book released Monday it “reaffirms” that “objective “. “I am convinced that this represents a profound expectation of the opinion,” he said.

He denies ever having spoken + + reasonable accommodation, a concept came from Canada and challenged by proponents of an aggressive secularism. “But why not a bit of intelligence and common sense ??” said he said.

“For example, and all the mayors know: freedom of choice in the canteen between different menus, meat, fish, vegetarian, is a + reasonable accommodation + as you say, which helps to soothe completely things without unnecessarily throw the oil on the fire. There is no question however of introducing menus prepared by a particular religious rite, “explained again disagreed with the proposal ago several months by the former head of state

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