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Macron-Valls: a duel to the death between two dolphins – The Point

Manuel Valls had enough. Of all. Macron defying his authority, Holland neglecting the protection and Macron, his ministers who speak against his back, his deputies who demand his head to the castle … So, taking advantage of the end of parliamentary session pot Wednesday following the Macron rally at the Mutuality, Prime Minister dropped his blows: “we can not denounce a supposed system by yielding to the lure of populism when aggravating circumstance, it is self the most deserving product of the elite of the Republic. “Emmanuel Macron has the right to feel concerned. The day before, it is, indeed, presenting Power Up! as a movement that intends to go beyond the “system” that has positioned its movement.

But what “system” the two men they talking about? Not quite the same. Valls evokes the system of great schools that are protected quarries and straight, that of énarchie, aristocracy of finance inspectors, the investment bankers that system, by money, have access to power, etc. . Macron, he denounced the bipartisan left-right system that structures the political landscape on a foundation in his eyes gone, the parliamentary system godillot what has become ours, the co-opting of a political elite that combines offices and honors on a simple formal labeling and alternations that do not solve the last thirty years, none of the deep problems of the country. caste system in Valls, politician system at Macron.

Macron household Holland and aims Valls

That said, the message of Valls is not directed at Emmanuel Macron . The Prime Minister has understood that it would fail to rein in the impetuous Minister of Economy of his government. It is aimed, in fact, François Hollande, whom he asked the head of Macron tomorrow, in his interview of July 14. “And he will not get it, says the president’s entourage.

For Holland, it has not been shaken by the meeting of Macron. He even received thanks from Macron in his speech. In addition, Macron was careful not to be a candidate for the presidency of the Republic. He simply argued the need to expand the political horizon by bringing the right and left. “In short, the head of state can still float the idea – even if it is false. – Emmanuel Macron serve her term of reel centrist voices

The one who jumps up and losing ground, it’s Valls. Certainly, the ouster of Macron arrange the affairs of Valls, but it is not that of the President. “For now, Holland has no problems with Macron, but must manage Valls” concluded that close to the president. Not just Valls but also veterans of Hollandie, all put together against Macron. Whether Bruno Le Roux, Stéphane Le Foll, Didier Guillaume, Jean-Yves Le Drian, all demanding, otherwise the head of Macron, at least one act of authority of the President in respect of his former adviser.

An ulterior competition

For now, Holland covers. He believes, rightly or wrongly, Emmanuel Macron never dare challenge his authority to run against him for president. From this presupposition (unverifiable), he considers himself the master clocks. Since it will application form at the end of the year, he thinks that Macron will disappear in its favor. A decoy?

Meanwhile, Macron strongly believes, rightly or wrongly, that François Hollande, too low in the polls, will not be able to seek a second term. In his head, he has already disappeared from the landscape. It is therefore Valls it is eliminating occupying political space – one of the reform – that the prime minister is struggling to reclaim. Of course, no candidate country in which launches Macron weakens every day the president. It contributes to oust him. Holland but still retains the ability to declare candidate. As outgoing, it’s almost his duty to present his report to the French, even taking a stinging setback. Who else can claim to have taken him all key decisions?

Valls plays the

Manuel Valls, meanwhile, is also a place in it logic where the president would have to give up the nomination. The Catalan plays the card of “legitimate dolphin ‘loyalty, institutional logic. If the head is prevented, then it is his second to take over. He would like everyone to be satisfied. But there is this troublemaker Macron, whose popularity comes sondagière thwart this “Plan B”. Valls therefore needs to quickly oust the government to be the one to legitimately defend the record of the reformist left.

And Holland? As always, the president plays in defense. He awaits his moment. His popularity has just taken 7 points in the barometer Ifop- Paris Match * (28% of good opinions). Macron takes 9 points (52% of good opinions). Valls takes a point (37% of good opinions).

* Survey conducted on 8 and 9 July, so before the final of Euro, with a sample of 1,001 people representative of the French population.


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