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The fate of Emmanuel Macron outstanding after leaving the wood – The Point

Maintaining the Government of the French Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron is in question after his speech “anti-system” to campaign accents in front of thousands of supporters, who did not spare the socialist president Francois Hollande.

the head of state, who must speak Thursday on the occasion of the national holiday, can hardly ignore the critical inventory of his five years initiated by the young minister of 38 years and ten months president.

“It is time for it to stop,” was released Tuesday, Prime Minister Manuel Valls, a few hours before the meeting of the troublemaker of his government.

“It is indeed difficult to Emmanuel Macron to stay longer in a government which he has permanently disconnected,” said Wednesday the regional newspaper L’Alsace, summarizing the views of the all media.

the atmosphere looks tense in the Council of Ministers held Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening, before an audience rather young and educated, Emmanuel Macron has “thanked” François Hollande of having appointed the government in August 2014. But he pinned his hollow conducting business, describing a country “worn by the broken promises”.

Speaking of his two years in government, he regretted not being able to drive all the reforms he would have desired. “I saw how the system did not change. I was not able to do certain things,” he said.

He said his desire to “write a new story “in a world shaken by technological change

-. ‘Macron president’ –

the movement he launched called”! in on “,” us the bear together until 2017 and until victory “, he assured, but not cross the Rubicon of the announcement of his candidacy. His supporters have done for him, chanting “Macron president!” enthusiastically.

While the left is out of breath after four years of socialist power, Emmanuel Macron has claimed the legacy of this “family” policy and introduced the two “pillars” of a program future: “freeing the country” of its economic burdens and ensure “safety nets” for its population

and it posted its openness to social issues (national identity, secularism) standing out. Manuel Valls who wants to ban the wearing of headscarves at university.

If Mr. Macron supported by some elected or former socialist ministers, leaving the wood irritates many of his colleagues. “When we minister, speaking at present, we act, we do not think about the future,” responded Wednesday morning the Minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas, near the head of government.

and failing to criticize the guidelines still dotted comments focused Wednesday on posture “anti-system” of ambitious young officer trained in the schools of the elite and passed to the Rothschild bank. “I found a little easy anti-criticism, when one is completely the system,” he told the Ecologist Minister of Housing Emmanuelle Cosse.

Emmanuel Macron has also drawn the ire of left of the left. About 200 people came Tuesday night show at the entrance to the rally participants shouted down with cries of “bourgeois, bankers, it is there.”

According to the Communist daily L’Humanite, “it will have offered a poor spectacle of all that political communication can do worse”

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