Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Holland prepares for the last 14-July its mandate – Europe1

This is the quintessential presidential sequence. François Hollande will grant traditional interview Thursday July 14. For 45 minutes, the head of state will answer questions from Gilles Birch and David Pujadas. Filmed in the portrait room of the Elysee, the interview will be broadcast simultaneously on TF1 and France 2.

The 14-July-there will be a bit unusual for the president. It is the last of his five years. The moment, therefore, to launch a new political tour to sequence 2017 and a potential candidate for re-election. “He better show what is its added value for the future,” summed up one of the majority of the pillars JDD .

“It will better “with the Euro. Not surprisingly, François Hollande should highlight the” feeling better “unsheathed for the first time mid-April, during its last major television appearance on the set of” Dialogues citizens ” . The Head of State may rely on economic outcomes: growth is growing, the deficit is under control, and if he refuses to drop permanently, at least unemployment he increases less than before.

Most importantly, Francois Hollande will be able to boast the good record of the Euro, both in economic terms as safe. Tourism aside, some municipalities have already seen the benefits of the event, like the City of Paris. And security side, except overflows with hooligans during the pool stages, everything went very well. So much so that the right is already anticipating the presidential complacency July 14. “No doubt the president will profile of France ‘which is better’. The success of the Euro and the good performance of our Blue give him the breath which it lacks,” noted Francois Fillon Tuesday. And the candidate for the primary prevention of the right: “But the illusion will disappear as quickly as a firework.”

No doubt the president will profile of France ‘which is better’.

Turn the page of the Labour law. around all turned to chapter pre-presidential election, Francois Hollande will also have to heart to turn the painful page of the Labour law, which creates a union and popular opposition for four months. After going twice the force of 49-3 in May and July, the text comes back for final adoption on 20 July in the Assembly. The Head of State should once again reaffirm its commitment to the text, which will be the last major reform of the quinquennium. But he hopes especially close the subject, which ties the lowest in the polls and makes all other inaudible government actions.

Brexit. In the field of international news, François Hollande should focus on the Brexit and its consequences. Just after the British referendum, the president had indeed outlined what could be an axis of presidential campaign, opposing “populists and extremists who call their country out of the European Union” and Europhile, to which he belongs . The 14 July would be an opportunity for him to drive the point and exacerbate this divide.

The Macron case. Finally, difficult for the president to avoid Emmanuel Macron questions. His stirring Minister of Economy organized a political rally around his movement, Walk !, In just two days before July 14. A provocation, according to many members of the government. But despite this, Emmanuel Macron reluctant to resign, hoping instead that François Hollande pushes toward the exit so that he can focus entirely to his campaign. This he will decide to do on July 14? It is unlikely, the head of state Whereas it is still less dangerous within the government and outside. For the president, the challenge will be to justify maintaining the minister while asserting his authority. The part does not look simple.

It is unclear, however, if the head of state will be questioned on pay his barber.


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