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Macron: Leave or Remain? – Release

Whereas standing firm by his comrades in the government, it happened in the past at the table of the Cabinet on Wednesday. But the name of Emmanuel Macron and his show of Mutuality, the night before, were not mentioned “Once” at the meeting, said the spokesman of the government, Stéphane Le Foll. Even if the President could not help slipping a pike in his Economy Minister to visit his good report on the organization of the Euro. Evoking the “gratitude” expressed by foreign heads of state, Francois Hollande has authorized an allusion to the one he brought to the Elysee in 2012 before propel Bercy two years later: “the gratitude … gratitude … he will never be forgotten.” Macron cashed without flinching before leaving the Elysee Palace in the first, who usually like s ‘linger in the halls with the secretary general of the Elysee, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, of which he is protected. Hours later, he also dried the session of questions to Government House for “chair a meeting on the nuclear” at Bercy, according to his office.


After his meeting with presidential paces under the label En Marche! Macron remains a member of the government. During his televised interview of July 14 (see page 5), Hollande will seek a sentence to explain why he chose to keep a minister who does not hide his ambition to 2017. In preliminary first, Macron has yet made copiously snipe by Ministers. Ecologist Emmanuelle Cosse (Housing), which judge “easy the anti-system critical when one is born completely the system,” to radical Annick Girardin (Public Service), which estimates that ” it is time [for Macron] to make a decision. “ ” When we minister, we act, we do not speak to the future “, has even slammed Jean-Jacques Urvoas (Justice ).

Multiplying phone calls in ministerial offices, the Macron entourage was moved to see rain as many blows. “They ask us why we type on them but they do not realize the seriousness of the facts, irritated a minister. What makes the whole crazy world is that Macron did not say a word to the right. “ Unlike Hollande and his closest advisers who trivialize the phenomenon not to feed it, Valls Weeder Macron. “You can not condemn an ​​alleged” system “by giving in to the sirens of populism when aggravating circumstance, it is itself the most deserving product of the elite of the Republic,” card Prime Minister receiving the socialist parliamentarians.


Denied by entourages of the three men for months, war Valls-Macron Holland has erupted on December 1st of July. Ten months before the presidential election, two questions arise: how Macron can remain in a government led by a man who has made the “loyalty” and “coherence” two cardinal values ​​of his action in Matignon? And Holland where he traces the yellow line for a minister who openly defies presidential authority?

The Minister of Economy sharpens his calendar

Is it possible light a bit slow after grilled whole box of fireworks? It’s a bit the dilemma is found Emmanuel Macron after his first major political meeting. Tuesday night at the Mutualité in Paris, the Minister of Economy has taken another step in transgression without declaring a candidate for the 2017 presidential election, or out of government. As to arrange a new room for maneuver in the government playing the conflicting interests of Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls.

The reality is that the former deputy secretary general of the Elysee a small timing problem, and that his bodyguards is not entirely fitting on the events. For some, it must leave the government ship before the end of July. The argument is found and would save a little bit forms: “I love my job but Minister I started a new movement as a hit and I can not do everything well, I am resigning for m ‘ devote 250%. “everything in the middle of crossover between July countries and aoûtiens. “Do not be a brothel factor out, we will not make a Montebourg” says a close to Macron. “He would like to get fired, but Holland does not make him this gift,” prognostic a minister.

Support for the first time, Senator-Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb is he, rather stalled on the back and September. Meanwhile, the minister has some appointments summery: a “large gathering” in Bordeaux and a symposium for European Reform in Lyon September. Before that, “we need him to rest, he writes, he fixed something ” slips a hand. As a biographico-programmatic book. In his Tuesday night speech, Emmanuel Macron set the deadline in December to build his “transformation plan” of France. There will be time to decide whether its proposals – which he has said a word concretely Mutuality – become its proposed candidate or if it will influence the presidential candidates and, in the manner of “ecological pact” Nicolas Hulot in 2007. “If Holland decides to be a candidate, Macron has no choice but to stand behind him, a heavyweight analysis of the majority. The strategy is therefore to weaken as much as possible before, hoping that he renounces. “ A new way to prevent it represent.

Premier tackle its direct competitor

to say that Manuel Valls did not appreciate the number of Emmanuel Macron in Mutuality. “It is a mad rage,” reports a minister. If he has not said a word in the Cabinet – not the place – the head of government knock out Wednesday its economy minister in a speech at the “end of pot Parliamentary session “ at Matignon. “The ethics of responsibility, it is the clear duty, not the maintenance of a climate rotten by ambiguity, he swung. Before parliamentary majority and some ministers, but in the absence of Macron, Valls particularly insisted on the merits of the election, an adventure ever attempted by the Minister of Economy: “You know the requirement of universal suffrage, that is to say, the sacred trust that invests in the people’s representatives? So there is no “club”, no “closed circle” no “system” that would play against the people. “

Already in April, when former banker business launched his movement claimed “neither right nor left,” Valls had shown annoyed liberties taken by a young minister in the process of grilling on the niche of the ” modernity “ and ” transgression “. Prime Minister had then boasted “beautiful cleavage” left-right and chose to ridicule his minister in public whenever he had the chance. Tuesday, before meeting Macron, the Prime Minister had called, hollow, clarification in the corridors of the Senate: “The Prime Minister made the” It is time that all this will stop. ” maximum he could do to its institutional level, “ estimated near Valls. Understand: this is Holland and alone to decide the fate of the Minister of Economy. Since the start of Emmanuel Macron, because it embeds Socialist deputies including some old “friends” of the prime minister, creating another split within the majority.

But his angry reaction post -Mutualité not unanimous among vallsistes. “Manuel is not happy when he should relax. Macron is beginning to burn, says one elected. If he knew remain calm and do some sound Holland … “Sub course stifle Macron in silence. Unlike summer 2014, when he had called the head of Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon, Valls is not asking Holland to choose between him or Macron. “Exit Matignon because we did not like a meeting in Mutuality, it does not exist,” says a government official. “Loyal” in Holland, Valls has no other choice but to follow the Speaker: “It’s the nature of Matignon with the five-year, argues a secretary of state. You start by worms but you end up swallowing boas. “

Long patient, the head of state is reluctant to kill the son

On Tuesday evening François Hollande did not wait for the mail and newspapers to keep abreast of the latest lurch of his economy minister. During Emmanuel Macron galvanized his supporters to Mutuality in Paris, the head of state presided at the Elysee weekly dinner of the majority leaders. There was no TV on to watch the game, but all these people has a mobile phone, “ describes an adviser to the executive who provided the SMS in meeting throughout the evening. If he was annoyed, Holland, the “roller” policy on which all slides, did nothing showed. Since former deputy secretary general of the Elysee he called at Bercy in 2014 launched his political movement, Hollande first opted for blank check. “A minister wants to engage with citizens, it’s called doing politics and ensure that convictions can be shared,” he declared early April, the day after the birth of running. “I run, I course” pleasant even the head of state, recalling in passing that both will contribute not in the same category. Three weeks later, the tone is not at all in jest: Macron “knows what to me is a matter of personal loyalty and political”, cingle Holland after his minister in London deploring we have arrested some of the reforms” in France. But the ax is still not falling, to the dismay of relatives of the head of state. It is not in the nature of the President of separate people, manage hot conflict. Especially “Macron is a bit his son, his creature. And we always accept many of his children, “ attempts to explain a minister of the second circle. Ten weeks later, it’s almost as if the trap had closed on the Elysee. “If we turn Macron now, we made a martyr,” summarizes a pillar of the Assembly. “The leave could be one more difficulty for President, analysis a ministerial adviser. Some would cry illico that the cheesy Holland and Valls edgy cast the rising star of the new policy. “ In fact, after the show Tuesday night, the dismissal of the Minister of Economy “was not mentioned a single time,” is said in the entourage of the head of state. “When we saw that nothing was happening before the Council of Ministers, it was understood that nothing would happen at all,” says a ministerial adviser. After a deleterious labor law sequence, the President can not afford to open a political crisis. “The release this week it would cut all arms and legs all at once,” a heavyweight analysis of the Socialist Party. Emmanuel Macron will therefore leaves for yet another reframing a national holiday. A Holland.

Lilian Alemagna Laure Bretton


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