Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Boris Johnson appointed foreign minister –

LONDON (Reuters) – Former Mayor of London and the campaign figurehead for the exit of Britain from the European Union, Boris Johnson, was Wednesday named Foreign Minister in the new First UK Secretary Theresa May.

Johnson was regarded by observers as a potential successor to Prime Minister David Cameron even before he announced his resignation but oppositions displayed in the Conservative Party had convinced him not run for the position.

His role in future relations between Britain and the European Community bloc should be limited to the extent that Theresa May has planned to create a new department specifically responsible for this.

having never held ministerial office before, Boris Johnson does not need less help shape the new role that Britain intends to occupy in the world after his departure from the EU.

It will also inherit complicated relations with Russia

(William Schomberg. Pierre Sérisier for the French service)


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