Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A false survivor of the doomed Bataclan – Le Figaro

For 10,000 euros compensation, she had invented everything: his presence at the Bataclan November 13 alongside a deceased victim, his escape through a window, the “injury”, “depression”. A young 31 year old woman was sentenced Wednesday to six months suspended sentence.

On 13 November 2015, the young woman was hospitalized in a clinic in the Paris region for benign intervention when it becomes aware of the killings perpetrated in Paris and Saint-Denis. “The nurse gave me the idea,” she said.

Three weeks after the attacks, she seeks the guarantee fund for victims of terrorism and other offenses (FGTI), which she claims to have been injured in the concert hall in Paris, where it would have been with a friend -a man actually died on the spot, it presents as a relative. She claims to have managed to escape through a window “is making a sore finger.”

After collecting a dossier compiling falsified medical certificates, fake certificates and false testimony, she claims 10,000 euros. But the Parisian magistrates, pointing to inconsistencies, seize the prosecutor of Bobigny for verification. Not seeing the payment arrive, false survivor relaunch not less than seven times the fund, referring in his emails “injury”, “flash-back” and “depression”. Only when placed in custody on Tuesday that she admitted having invented everything.

“Why have deceived the guarantee fund? The police? The company?” “I had problems, I could not pay the bill the clinic, there were 144 euros to pay. And then I had unpaid rent problems, I lost my job” at Franprix.


“A” false victims “of attacks of November 13 would touch 20,000 euros


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