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What to remember from the interview of 14 July Hollande – The World

Francois Hollande during the traditional  speech of 14 July.
  • Macron,” do not respect the rules of government is not to remain “

Emmanuel Macron has “respect the rules of government” that are “solidarity, team spirit, defend the record, be full-time in this task” . This was the message of Francois Hollande in his economy minister, Thursday, July 14, on the occasion of the traditional interview the day of the National Day. The head of state added: “Respecting these rules is to remain in the government, do not respect them, it is not to stay there. “ ” Everyone is now advised “, he merely stated about possible consequences.

Mr. Hollande was speaking for the first time since the first meeting of his movement with Emmanuel Macron Power Up! in which it criticized the “broken promises” rulers. Manuel Valls, who had severely criticized the minister of economy before its meeting, accused him on Wednesday of “yield to the sirens of populism” by denouncing a “System pretended”

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  • Hairdresser: “I have reduced the Elysée budget “

After the revelations of Canard chained on the salary of her hairdresser (9895 euros gross), François Holland told “hear what it might represent” , recalling that he “lowers the Elysée budget” and his wages (- 30 %)

  • Security. end the state of emergency will remain Vigipirate “maximum level”
Francois Hollande with the Chief of Staff  of the Armed Pierre de Villiers on the  Champs-Elysées, Thursday, July 14th.

“the terrorist threat is no less important” , said the head state, recalling that there would be no further extension of the state of emergency beyond 26 July, confirmed the head of state but Vigipirate remain maintained, while the strength of the Sentinel operation will be reduced from 10 000 to 7 000 soldiers.

as regards external operations, Hollande said that France would “strengthen support (…) to Iraqis to resume Mosul “ with support” French military advisers “

  • Save:.” We have a drop in unemployment by the end of the year “

the head of State maintained that the country ” is better “ while calling for caution. “We remain fragile, notably because of external events. The Brexit, it does not depend of us yet it has consequences “, assured the head of state. He thus reiterated that tax cuts would be decided “if growth exceeds 1.7%” in 2017.

Defending his record Hollande defended on the issue of deficit he promised to reverse. “I made $ 46 billion in savings, as my predecessors had not done” , he insisted.

“Who shall blame me for taking my responsibilities? “, he said, citing rendered necessary expenses, among others, by the attacks of 13 November. ” I’ll leave a situation where there will be less gap, where there will be less tax for households and businesses. I have allowed our country to be better off in 2017 than in 2012, “, has hammered the president

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François Hollande defended the text that was strongly contested in the street and some of the socialist majority. “Maybe there was a poor initial presentation of the law ‘, he conceded, while maintaining that ” thought this law was going to be good for the country, in line with [its] values ​​”. The firmness displayed by the government, the head of state argued the “responsibility”. “Not to be unpopular, it is better to do nothing. This is not my idea of ​​political action “, he said boasting of having ” advanced [his] countries “ on the terms of employment with the law.

  • After Brexit, a Europe” that protects “

in keeping with the “choice” of the British to leave the European Union, the President stressed the need to build a Europe that “protects” its borders, its employees and its businesses. This is based on a budget that must be consolidated, he recalled.

Furthermore, Hollande found “morally unacceptable” the choice of the former President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, joining Goldman Sachs

  • the suite. “the future is not in France stunted”

to the question on possible campaign themes for the presidential election next year, Francois Hollande called for “social cohesion, national (…) cultural “. “The idea that drives me is to ensure that our country can be master of his destiny,” he said.

“I do not despair of convincing the French that the future is not in France stunted “, added the head of state. “This threatens us is the rise of populism, but I will not be intimidated by threats” , he concluded, promising to “ensure that the country could trust him “

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