Francois Fillon, candidate for the primary, June 13, 2016 to Our -Dame des-Landes (Loire). – SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS / SIPA

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  • The military parade of 14 July took place on the Champs-Elysees, before the traditional interview with President of the Republic.

  • Nearly 11,500 police and gendarmes were mobilized to secure the festivities in Paris “on background of high terrorist threat”.

  • In the interview, the last before the 2017 presidential election, François Hollande call to order his Minister Emmanuel Macron and praises its work at the Elysee.



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Paris: The celebrations of 14-July high security in

14 July: the important point of the interview of Holland

François Hollande threatens to turn Emmanuel Macron

18h: “Total Lack of authority” for Eric Ciotti, “without realizing synthesis’ for Jean-Christophe Lagarde

the reactions to the interview with François Hollande are hard right. Eric Ciotti, Deputy Secretary Republicans, “The lack of decision of the President of the Republic face walking alone and cacophony orchestrated by Emmanuel Macron is a new illustration of this total absence of authority and courage that characterizes Francois Hollande. The only satisfaction we can draw from this intervention of the President of the Republic on the occasion of the national holiday is that it was the last. “

Jean-Christophe Lagarde, president of the UDI, believes that “for the last of his five years on July 14 Francois Hollande has made us even a balancing act wasted an art of synthesis without achieving (…) Faced with the addition of chess, heaven Hollande will definitely clouded in denials of force “

3:26 p.m.. Customers fun of warning addressed by Holland Macron

on Twitter, netizens are ironical about the threat of president to his economy minister. According to François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron must follow the rules and remain integral with the government, otherwise the door. A warning that does not really convince …

3:16 p.m.: Marine Le Pen believes Hollande has lost its “ability to embody its mission”

in a statement, the president of FN considers the head of state “has definitely lost any height of view, any ability to embody its mission. “” Francois Hollande has indeed delivered an indecent self satisfaction year (…) “” the president has spent more time to react to the battle of egos waves his government or unbearable lies his “Republic exemplary” to meet the real concerns of the French. “

3:06 p.m.: Nadine Morano is Holland “deaf and blind”

Interviewed on BFM TV, MEP regrets presidential politics and critical Emmanuel Macron, which could, in her gather voters right center for François Hollande in 2017 … “Macron is a Dutch operation,” said Nadine Morano.

3 p.m.: for François Fillon, “the five-year term ends in a dead end”

in a statement, the candidate for the primary François Fillon regrets: “I expect the President of the Republic to enlighten the French on urgent initiatives to be taken to save the European Union weakened by Brexit. He simply to comment on the event as the passive spectator it for four years on the stage. Started by an imposture, that five-year term ends in a dead end “

2:50 p.m.. Rain reactions after presidential interview

“the President of the Republic has today delivered another year of self-celebration of his policies, hiding behind a law El- unnecessary Khomri that will not create jobs in France “deplores the sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, President of France Arise and presidential candidate.

& gt; & gt; Customers, what have you learned from the intervention of the president? any tax decreases? The end of the state of emergency? the mystery more or less thick about his candidacy in 2017? Say it in our comments

14:00:! End of interview Hollande

1:58 p.m.: “time is short 5 years is a short time “

Call the foot for 2017:” In 2012, it was necessary that the country is recovering. In 2017, he will have to stand up and continue to tell the world, “said Holland, who launched” France is strong and must be aware of its strength “

” To be president. is being confronted with death, tragedy, the drama “concludes the severity Francois Hollande.

1:53 p.m.: Question about the 2017 presidential and future

Holland refuses to answer on his probable candidacy, but accuses the ambitions of the contenders for the Elysee. “The idea that drives me is to ensure that our country can be master of his destiny.” “I do not despair of convincing the French that the future is not in France stunted.” He said would bring “the idea of ​​cohesion, which is home France fragile”

1:48 p.m.: state of emergency and terrorism

He announced the end of the state of emergency on 26 July. “We can not forever extend the state of emergency. We now have a law to act against terrorism. “

In the Middle East,” We will strengthen our support for the Iraqis to resume Mosul. “

Finally it welcomes safety of the success of the Euro: “the Euro 2016 has been a popular success while some wanted to cancel the fan zones. But they also wanted to cancel the COP 21 “

1:46 p.m.: About Barroso, former President the European Commission spent at Goldman Sachs

Referring to the European Union after Brexit, Holland recalls: “We need a budget and a Minister of eurozone finances. And about Barroso tackle it, “Barroso was for 10 years at the head of the European Commission, it is not I who chose or supported.” “It is morally unacceptable that José Manuel Barroso join Goldman Sachs’

1:36 p.m.: Question about hairdresser Netherlands paid EUR 10,000 per month

Hollande stressed “the cuts to the state, the Elysee operating costs of 120 to 100 million of (s) you pay.”

“I dropped my salary by 30%, the budget and staff of this house and would come for me on this? One can make me all the reproaches but not this one “

1:29 p.m.” The decrees implementing the labor law will be taken immediately “

” At Peugeot, the group agreement will create 1000 CD “welcomes the head of ‘State. Regarding the claim of labor law, Hollande replied: “Acting not protect themselves,” however recognizes that there has been “a poor initial presentation”

1:27 p.m.: on unemployment, efforts to continue …

“We have an inversion of the curve unemployment, but unemployment is still too high. We’ll have to continue the policy that I conducted. ” Holland quips about political contenders in the Elysee Palace – he does not name. – In the fight against unemployment

1:22 p.m.: Most taxes in France? it is the fault to the previous power

Holland refutes that France is the most taxed country of the member countries of the OECD, contrary to reports the journalist.

“I have inherited a country that had 40 fever. On the question arose whether to hospitalize “He then praised his action since he is at the Elysee.” I lowered the household tax and this year we will do a tax cut ( .. that concern) 8 million households “

President Francois Hollande said Thursday it lowering taxes in 2017 if growth is higher next year than in 2016 . “I do not make any tax cut that if we are certain to have a higher growth than this year,” he said.

1:22 p.m.: After Brexit” revive public investment in Europe “

on the savings: “we will not 50 billion of savings, we will do 46,” said Holland, justifying themselves by the consequences of the attacks of 13 November

13:15 Start of interview of the President of the Republic

François Hollande welcomes first of the “beauty” of the military parade and youth work. Asked about Emmanuel Macron, he explains; “It is with me since 2012 as an advisor and minister (…) he has ideas, he wants to meet with citizens (….) But there are rules. The first rule is solidarity, team spirit, be full-time in this task. There simply serve to the end “.

“Respecting these rules is to remain in the government, do not respect them, it is not to remain in government”

“As a government, it does there is no personal approach, much less presidential “

13.00:. in the public, fear of attacks

A very family audience, and tourists from around the world, many waving tricolor flags, thronged the Champs for the parade . The fear of the attacks was on everyone’s mind, a few months after Paris and Brussels. “This year we asked the question in terms of security,” said Isabelle, who came with her two children 2 and 4 years.

12:17: political celebrate 14 July with words on Twitter

celebrate festivities, show respect for the armed , do not forget … many elected post messages in 14 July, as the former Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie, the MP Eric Ciotti LR, the Green MP François de Rugy, the PS MP Valerie Rabault …

12:09: Ministers leaving the Concorde, François Hollande greenhouse clamps

12:01: Point weather: thinning on the Champs-Elysées

the bad languages ​​can not say that François Hollande subscribes to the rain …

11:58: youth to sing La Marseillaise

Last part of the parade, with an animation of fence. Young singing La Marseillaise . In the ranks of young hearing impaired who interpret the national anthem chansigne, 120 young people from voluntary military service in military uniform, 10 volunteers from civic service. The French Army Choir (CAF) accompanies the singers for the interpretation of La Marseillaise .

11:49: Parade helicopters consists of thirty devices

There are sixteen helicopters to light aircraft of the army, five of the air force accompanied by a US tanker, four of the navy, three gendarmerie national and civil security.

The training from the three armies of the National Gendarmerie and civil security in the protection of the territory and in overseas operations.

The last block helicopters honors two Caracal the Air Force and a US tanker KC130J.

11:47: End of the parade of mounted troops, beginning of the parade helicopters

11:31: End of troops on foot and the beginning of the parade of mounted troops

We pass the biggest char … the quad, used by elite troops. .. drones are also presented by the intelligence Command (COM INT), which is responsible for research and exploitation of intelligence and military geographical interest on theaters of operation.

11:29: pioneers of the 1st foreign regiment of the foreign Legion parading

Barbes, axes, aprons .. the soldiers of the French foreign Legion at slower pace than the rest of the troops on foot, arriving at the Concorde. They include monitoring the marine riflemen, the elite soldiers of the Navy

11:24. After the police the Paris fire brigade and firefighters overseas parade

11.15 the composition of foot soldiers marching down the Champs-Elysées


School of officers of the national gendarmerie

special military School of Saint-Cyr

Joint military School

naval Academy

School air

School Commissioners armed

military health Service Schools

School of gendarmerie of Chateaulin

national School of active NCO

School petty officers

School of NCOs of the air Force

1st and 2nd infantry regiments of the Republican guard

Detachment Sangaris

3rd light Armoured Brigade


ocean Patrol Commandant Blaison

anti-aircraft frigate Cassard

centenarians Squadrons

Firemen air

air Base 116

Flag of the Directorate General of the national Police

national School of Police

Nîmes Police national School

national School of firefighters officers

fire territorial fire

fire Brigade of Paris

Pioneer of the foreign Legion

foreign Legion Music

13th Demi-Brigade of the foreign Legion

11:11: Battle speeches with that of Alain Juppe Francois Hollande before

Less than a year before the presidential election in 2017, the contenders for the Elysee are launched in the country. Alain Juppé, candidate for the primary right, issued a statement on the internet before even that of President François Hollande on TV.

11:01: Police Dog troops to honor

The 132nd Battalion cynophile of the army (132nd CTAB) is the third unit in the spotlight. Specializing in search of weapons, explosives or narcotics, the CTAB 132e is engaged with his dogs as part of the Sentinel domestic operation. For the record, the rehearsals have not been easy, because the troops had to teach dogs to walk in rhythm.

10:57: parade of troops on foot began, including, the New Zealand Maori in traditional dress

10:51: Some figures of flypast:

Altitude aircraft: Approximately 1000 feet or 305 meters
aircraft speeds are different in different devices:
fighter aircraft: 300 knots, or about 556 km / h
navy fighter aircraft: 280 knots, or about 519 km / h
maritime patrol aircraft: 200 knots, or about 370 km / h
transport aircraft: 180 knots, or about 333 km / h
civil defense aircraft: 150 knots, or about 278 km / h
the distances between devices
Pulled aircraft show: about 52 km
between the two blocks of aircraft: about 6.2 km
between aircraft: 5 meters to about 10 meters
La Défense – Place de la Concorde: about 7 km

10:46: Point weather on the Champs : Although gray … but it is not raining (yet)

10h45: the Plan flypast

Sirpa Air Graphics d & # xe9; over  & # xe9; aircraft and h & # xe9; licopt  & # XE8; res July 14, 2016.
Graphic Sirpa Air parade planes and helicopters July 14, 2016. – Sirpa Air

10:44: La Patrouille de France fly over the Champs Elysees

Since each 14 July, flying over the Champs Elysées by the Patrouille de France marks the opening of the air show. This year, a training Alphajets 8 of the Patrouille de France represents the Eiffel tower, symbol of the nomination of France to the 2024 Olympic Games

10:35: First show for the prison administration, a return to customs after almost 100 years

Customs, who participated once in 1919 in the parade, and the prison administration, for which it will be a first, will also down the Champs

& gt; & gt; Read also: For prison guards, a “symbolic recognition that should not be ephemeral”

10:30 am: Parade quadrille bayonets of the Republican guard

a video of the rehearsals of this quadrille

10:24: Holland honors and salutes the troops

He then joined instead rostrum of Concord

10:15 François Hollande goes Champs, along with the Republican Guard on horseback

the head of the state is in the car with the Chief of Staff of the army, General Pierre de Villiers (… brother of Philippe de Villiers policy)

10:11: soldiers of Australia and New Zealand present on the Champs

troops from Australia and New Zealand were invited to parade this year to mark the centenary of the battle of the Somme

& gt;. & gt; Read also: VIDEO. “Anzac Day”: Graffiti of the First World War found in the Somme

Maori traditional warriors of New Zealand are also present.

10:06: US Secretary of State John Kerry on the Champs-Elysées

European tour to discuss the war in Syria and other conflict zones, the US Secretary of State John Kerry is on the Champs Elysees on Thursday morning. The minister, speaking, is especially known for his Francophile

9:57. Members of the government came up the Concorde

Prime Minister Manuel Valls and ministers Emmanuel Macron (Economy) and Jean-Yves Le Drian (Defence) include arrived …

9:40: the military parade under the sign of the commitment and youth

As announced by the President of the Republic, the military parade in 2016 is under the sign of engagement and youth, with 20 years of professionalization of the French armies. Of ollégiens, school children, voluntary civic service and youth voluntary military service will close the parade.

9:30: the Google search page in France starts in the national colors

as with every big event or anniversary, the Google search page changing. For the festivities of 14 July, the French page be donning the colors of the flag.

Capture & # xe9; Google notch 14 July  2016.
Screenshot Google 14 July 2016 – Google

9:20: decorated July 14

actors Marion Cotillard and Pierre Richard, the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, former trade unionist Nicole Notat or photographers Raymond Depardon and Sebastiao Salgado are part of the promotion of July 14 of the Legion of Honour. According to a survey of the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honour, 28.6% of graduates come from business, 26% of the public service, 13.1% of health fields, social and humanitarian; 12.6% of teaching and research, 7.7% of culture and communication; 6% of those elected and the like; 6% of worship, sports and people working for veterans; . And six companions of the Liberation

9:10: A delegation of the customary authorities of Wallis and Futuna Islands attended the parade

Paris to discuss the Elysee on the changing status of the Wallis and Futuna islands, a delegation of traditional authorities of these islands attended the parade on the Champs Elysees. French regions farthest from the Metropolis, Wallis and Futuna is a community overseas customary divided into three kingdoms, one on Wallis and two on Futuna, whose leaders exercise, with the Catholic church, a major influence.

9:00: 11,500 police and gendarmes mobilized in Paris

Nearly 11,500 police officers and gendarmes were mobilized to secure the festivities in Paris “on background of high terrorist threat,” said Wednesday AFP the Paris police headquarters. For the only parade Thursday morning, “over 3,000 members of the security forces will be engaged” in Paris and pre-screening points will be set up to control access to controlled areas. Later in the evening, it will be nearly 2,500 police and gendarmes will be mobilized for the concert followed by fireworks at the Champ de Mars.

9:00: COMPUTER GRAPHICS. Aircraft and present their passage times above the Champs Elysees

Sirpa Air Graphics d & # xe9; over  & # xe9; aircraft and xe9 h & #; &  # licopt XE8; res July 14, 2016.
Graphic Sirpa Air parade planes and helicopters July 14, 2016. – Sirpa Air

9:00: the schedule of the morning, minute by minute

  • 9:20: end of the installation of troops on foot and motorized Site Star / Champs Elysees
  • 9:30. inspection of the troops by the general officer commanding parades on foot and motorized
  • 9:45:. establishment of detachments of honor of the Republican Guard, Place de l’Etoile and Place de la Concorde
  • 10:10:. arrival of the President of the Republic avenue Friedland. Home by Army Gen. Pierre de Villiers, Chief of Staff of the armed and General Bruno Le Ray corps, military governor of Paris. Review of the troops
  • 10:25:. Honors the President of the Republic, Place de la Concorde by the 1st Infantry Regiment of the Republican Guard
  • 10h30:. Opening Animation .
  • 10:46: flypast opening commanded by air Vice Jean-Christophe Zimmermman
  • 10:55. procession of foot soldiers commanded by Brigadier General Peter Grego, Deputy General commitments to the military governor of Paris
  • 11:34. procession of mounted troops
  • 11:36: parade of motorized troops commanded by General Philippe Lesimple, commander of the 1st Division.
  • 11:50: early flypast helicopters commanded by air Vice Jean-Christophe Zimmermman
  • 11:52. closing Animation
  • 12:00:. start the president of the Champs Elysees
  • . 13h00: Interview with François Hollande since the Elysee

the theme of the parade 2016 La Marseillaise. The final table on the Champs Elysees will be dedicated to him.