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Macron, Barroso Brexit, and 2017 … the highlights of the interview with Holland – Europe1


François Hollande on all fronts. In the latest interview of 14 July of his term, the president had to face a particularly heavy news. The head of state has cropped Emmanuel Macron, who desires freedom, issued a warning to Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, and discussed the very near end of the state of emergency. Hollande also spoke hollow 2017, touting his record and criticizing his potential opponents.

It was THE hot topic of the moment. Two days after a meeting while provoking Emmanuel Macron, Francois Hollande was asked about the attitude of his economy minister, giving more the impression of wanting to play his own card for the presidential election of 2017. the head of state sent him a warning shaped message. “There are rules in government. The first is solidarity, is the team is to defend the record is to be full-time in this task, and therefore it is a rule that must comply then there is a second. there is no personal approach, much less presidential, there just serve and serve to the end ” , he launched. Then clearer: “Respecting the rules is to remain in the government, do not respect them, it is not to stay there”

Cropping is certainly weaker than that of Manuel Valls.. On Tuesday, Prime was sharply rebuked his economy minister, saying it was “time that this stops.” On Wednesday, he was still accused of Emmanuel Macron “yield to the temptations of populism” by saying “anti-system”. “Manuel Valls, I appointed him to head the government and he does it with authority, he does it with courage, he also having a sense of general interest. And it does so with his personality, fortunately “welcomed Francois Hollande. And now, as the head of state, “now everyone is informed: the rule, if it is not respected, there will be the consequences I have just indicated.”

François Hollande responded firmly to the controversy over the remuneration of its staff hairdresser, nearly 10,000 euros gross per month, according to the Chained Duck. “I did reduce the Elysée budget, which was 109 million in 2012, $ 100 million, I removed 10% of the workforce of the Elysee. My salary decreased by 30% and would come for me “on this matter?, has he annoyed. “You can make me all the reproaches, not that one.”

Francois Hollande confirmed that the state of emergency, in force since the attacks of 13-November, would indeed be lifted 26 July. “This state of emergency, I have considered it necessary to extend it until we can be sure that the law could give us the means to us to prevent the terrorist threat effectively,” said the president of the Republic, referring to the law on criminal procedure promulgated in June. This law was passed “by a very large majority, almost unanimously,” and “will give us instruments of action which are not comparable to the state of emergency, but that give us control means administrative some individuals, “said he developed.

” so I want to say very clearly to the French that we can not extend the state of emergency ever. it would not make sense , it would mean that we would no longer be a republic with a law that could apply in all circumstances, “added the head of state, who nonetheless announced that the Vigipirate would be maintained at its maximum level. “Is the threat is there Yes, it’s there?”, Because “we have the same enemy. It is in Syria, Iraq and its extensions it here in Europe The opponent is the fundamentalist Islamist, is fanaticism, “he said.

the head of state sharply criticized the recent recruitment of José Manuel Barroso, former president of the European Commission by the Goldman Sachs investment bank. “Mr Barroso, it is not I who chose, huh, some will recognize themselves in this election,” said the head of state at his predecessors Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, who contributed to the appointment in Brussels in 2004 and the renewal in 2009 of the former Portuguese prime minister. “He was President of the European Commission when there was this crisis caused by the so-called subprime mortgages, including Goldman Sachs was one of the flagship institutions. Goldman Sachs found in the Greek case, since this is Goldman Sachs who advised the Greeks and make-up the numbers he Greece a few years ago had given to the European Union. and we learned a few years later that Barroso will join Goldman Sachs? it is legally possible but morally, it affects the individual, it is morally unacceptable, “firmly told the head of state.

François Hollande invited Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, to engage as soon as the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union. “There is a decision that the British decision. It is their choice. This requires that the First Minister tables this necessary notification to negotiation. I told him on the phone, with all due courtesy, in congratulating. but Europe must not be paralyzed. the sooner it will engage the exit procedure of the United Kingdom of the European Union, the better the future relationship between Europe and the United Kingdom and the better our own situation. but UK can not take out what was in it, it’s over! “

Then came the political sequence. In two times. First, François Hollande reaffirmed that France, it gets better, but warning that the building is still fragile and that a policy change could weaken the more. “I think it will actually be better, because we have regained growth. But it can deteriorate if we do nothing, so I act,” he said. “I inherited a country that had actually 40 fever. I had asked the French time to get to get the economy back on its feet. To create jobs, we had to restore margins to companies and needed stimulate employment. We will have a lower unemployment at the end of the year, but unemployment will remain too high. This means that he will have to continue the policy that I have committed. If we question all we have gained, we will again deficits, lack of competitiveness, and worse, calling into question the right to retirement, the labor contract, the minimum wage, labor law. the choices were good. it was a good course and I think we should follow, “he said.

After the defense of his record, the president of the Republic is took to his potential opponents in 2017: the right and the extreme right. “The major idea, one that drives me, that could justify to go before the French is to ensure that our country can be master of his destiny, there is cohesion. National, social and cultural. Today, it threatens us? I look at the proposals made to face to the left. dislocation Republican Proposal, opposition separation of French around an edgy identity. I speak of the front National, you have acknowledged. Doing what happens in Britain, we leave the EU, we abandon the single currency, which is locked into the barriers in the barbed wire, “he lists. .

Then place the right. “The other risk is social dislocation, reduction of rights, abandonment of a number of protection, retirement, labor law, the minimum wage, give up 35 hours. Of course, there impatience, criticism, and it concerns me personally. But there will be a moment that need to France can advance to be a great country and will not abandon its social model or worse, his Republican model, ” -t he said.


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