Monday, April 27, 2015

After the “fifth columns” Islamists, the top 5 blunders … – The Express

The UMP deputy mayor of Nice, candidate for regional Paca face including Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (FN), said Sunday on France 3 that France had to deal with “fifth columns” Islamists and that a “third world war” was declared “the Judeo-Christian civilization” with “Islamofascism.” “I go hard,” admitted the elect who is not at his first attempt in terms of slippages.

“I’d rather have a stadium (…) rather Allianz Emirates”

During the presentation of the galleries of the great stage of Nice, the Allianz Riviera, in October 2012, the mayor of Nice loose, according to Team “I’d rather have a stadium called Allianz rather Emirates, you see why …”

“Long live French Algeria!”

In October 2012, after a march of Blackfoot and harkis in Nice, Christian Estrosi concluded his speech with a rousing “Long live French Algeria!” The next day, interviewed on LCI this sentence, the elect assumes and explained: “I did not make repentance duty to the civilizing work of France before 1962 and I am not nostalgic of French Algeria. General de Gaulle did well to follow the path he followed after 1962. ”

For the Traveller: “I have other mate, I materai you”

In July 2013, Christian Estrosi, the Grand Appointment Europe 1-i-Tele Le Parisien , cites the example of Travellers illegally installed on a Nice football field and would have said they would remain there three weeks. “I have other mate, I materai you,” says having said Christian Estrosi.

“The first thing I do is you put cameras everywhere to monitor your actions in the next few hours. We will note those who come in and out, how minute, when and what you will do everywhere in the city, in the metropolis, etc. ” “I will raise the number plates one after the other,” continued the Mayor of Nice. “I do a summary court granted an interim order to seize vehicles, you know, these beautiful and big cars with which they derive their beautiful and large caravans why should the French sometimes a lifetime to be able to pay the same . ”

Islam and democracy, “completely incompatible”

At the same issue, also in July 2013, the mayor of Nice reacts to about Francois Hollande Tunisia according to which Islam and democracy are “compatible”. “Absolutely not! We can not lay claim to all of secularism and at the same time that Islam and democracy are perfectly compatible,” then launches the Mayor of Nice. “Whenever I see the name of Islam, what is happening in Egypt, [and] in a number of countries in the Middle East or North Africa, I am particularly worried. And so for me it is perfectly compatible “ he adds.

Le Fouquet’s, a popular brewery

In January 2012, Christian Estrosi, invited policy Tuesday on RFI, gets angry against the controversy Fouquet’s that keeps stops when talking Nicolas Sarkozy. “It’s outrageous to blame Nicolas Sarkozy to go to a popular brasserie ‘!” He loose, causing ironic comments on social networks about the popular nature of this luxury of Champs Elysées. Christian Estrosi will be justified later explaining that he used the word “popular” in the sense of “famous”.




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