Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Murder of Helen Pastor. Reconstitution of the shooting in Nice – Ouest-France

The rich heiress Helen Monaco Pastor, age 77, victim of an ambush in Nice on May 6, was seriously wounded in the chest, neck and face. His driver was, too, succumbed to his injuries, May 10 A year later, Justice organizes a reconstruction of the shooting outside the hospital Archet in Nice.

A few days later, the prosecutor of Marseilles opened an investigation for attempted murder, reclassified by assassination. The survey, carried out by the Interregional Directorate of Judicial Police (DIPJ), was heard by the specialized interregional court (JIRS) Marseille, expert in organized crime. It relies on a dozen witnesses at the scene and CCTV images.

The son suspected of being the “Sponsor”

Hélène Pastor had been targeted by a man equipped he seems a shotgun sawed, which had fired twice through the windows of his car before taking flight in the company an accomplice.

In June 2014, a series of arrests took place in Nice, Marseille and Rennes, as part of the investigation. Sylvia’s daughter and son had been arrested in particular.

A few days later, it was charged and jailed in Marseille as “Sponsor” of the assassination , announced the prosecutor of Marseilles, Brice Robin.

Wojciech Janowski, 64, Honorary Consul of Poland in Monaco, is suspected ‘masterminding the assassination. “The Organizer” is a sports coach who recognized the facts. The mobile? “Put your hand on the legacy” Sylvia Pastor, the daughter of Helen, had indicated Brice Robin told a news conference.

Six others had was indicted, five of which were also jailed.

the richest family of the Rock after Grimaldi

The son said he paid 200,000 euros in cash to the coach for the contract. The daughter of Helen Pastor Sylvia said he felt betrayed by his companion. Initially placed in custody, Pastor Sylvia was released and exonerated. Since Wojciech Janowski retracted his confession and said abroad to murder.

Pastor Helen was the head of a branch of the powerful family Pastor, the richest of the Rock after Grimaldi. She was one of the heirs of a Monegasque empire builders, founded by his Italian grandfather Jean-Baptiste, from a poor family in Liguria, and then developed by his father, Gildo. The family has largely shaped the landscape of the principality, in building apartment buildings and offices over the decades, while keeping the extremely lucrative ownership of its buildings.


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