Capturing & # XE9; notch picture of Sid Ahmed Ghlam, r & # XE9; cup & # XE9; r & # XE9 e by BFM TV-RM
Screenshot of the photo of Sid Ahmed Ghlam, recovered by BFM TV-RM – BFM TV / RMC
* Vincent Vantighem

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  • The suspect in the attack, Sid Ahmed Ghlam, is still in custody at the hospital for

  • At least two accomplices are searched

  • It would have been in contact with a man in Syria who advised him to target churches

1:59 p.m.: Investigators have found the car in which Sid Ahmed Ghlam hiding weapons

A vehicle found Wednesday in Aulnay-sous-Bois is being scrutinized by investigators. It’s in the trunk of that car Sid Ahmed Ghlam have recovered its arsenal a few days before being arrested Sunday. Investigators seek to identify the owner of this car, probably stolen by

11:59: An encrypted alphabet with girlfriend Ghlam

Investigators come to get your hands on elements that show the troubled role of companion Sid Ahmed Ghlam reveals RTL. Yesterday morning in searching the apartment of the young woman in Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne), the police found “encryption keys”. “On many pieces of paper, the girlfriend of the student noted dozens of codes as an encrypted alphabet, which enabled him to record the numbers on his cell phone or sending text messages unreadable and incomprehensible if police surveillance, “explains the station. These codes are being decrypted. The young woman is still in custody to view

11:52. Canfin called Valls neutrality

The former minister environmentalist Pascal Canfin Manuel Valls called the “neutrality” between religions, after Prime Minister has described as “undermining the essence of France “the fact that a jihadist wanted to attack churches. “Look, when one is Prime Minister of the secular republic, not to say that one side, there would cults related to the essence of France and others who are somehow imported, which would be there just because it’s like that, it’s history. No, there is a secular republic that recognizes all religions equally and that absolutely must keep this neutrality so please do not suggest that there would be one more natural religion, “Canfin said on RFI.

11:40: The Vigipirate will be adapted

The Vigipirate system put in place since the attacks in January will be “adapted” to the threats against Catholic places of worship, said Thursday Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve. “I will give instructions in the morning so that we can guarantee a device that meets the expectations of the representatives of the Catholic Church.”

11:13: For Henri Gaino, the executive “is too”

“I find that there is an overuse, a dramatization which created a general anxiety. The Prime Minister did not come to comment on what just happened. There is a role for the Minister of the Interior, for the Prime Minister to the President of the Republic “, denounced the MP on RMC and BFM TV.

” The Prime Minister and the President of the Republic do too much, I think it is not good to see all the time in front of microphones to comment, “said the former special adviser to the Elysee under Nicolas Sarkozy.

11:08: What are the paths followed by investigators

20 Minutes an update on the ongoing investigation and list the tracks currently used by investigators. It talks about financing, firearms and complicity.

This is to read here

11:02: The Legion of Honour Aurelie Chatelain

Guy Bricout, the mayor of Caudry (Nord), a? France Info said he would ask the Legion of Honor is awarded, posthumously, Aurelie Chatelain. The young woman, a native of this small northern town, was killed on Sunday by Sid Ahmed Ghlam Villejuif while the latter was preparing attacks against two églistes. Walking is a white, also organized on Sunday at 11:45 in memory of the young woman, mother of a little girl of five years

Lighting. Aurelie Chatelain, collateral victim of terrorism

10:53: SId Ghlam Ahmed had left a message on Facebook

According to M6, investigators have begun to find clues on the computer Sid Ahmed Ghlam. Including his Facebook account where he exchanged messages on a Saturday accomplice, the day before the day he was planning to carry out attacks. “I do not feel ready,” would he thus wrote in one of these messages.

According to M6, this leaves also think that the suspect could have been joined by an accomplice to commit its attacks. “ This would explain the presence of heavy weapons in the car and in the student’s home” and indicates M6.

10:26: Cardinal André Vingt-Trois receipt place Beauvau

The Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, is received at this very moment by Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior Place Beauvau. After his meeting with the Minister, he should make a statement on the current threats to the French Catholic community.

10:20: For Raffarin, the Socialists are “bold”

And this is a point to be taken seriously has delivered, Thursday on RTL radio, the former Prime Minister. Jean-PIerre Raffarin called for pass the law on intelligence, believing that the Socialists were “bold” in terms of security. Above all, he says, we must vote this controversial text because “there is a serious threat to us.”

10:05: A “heavy state failure” to Marine Le Pen

“It’s very worrying, he n was not foiled the attack, chance that the individual in question was injured himself and that on the occasion of this we managed to find. There really is a very heavy failure on the part of the state in the fight against terrorism “, accused Marine Le Pen, in a recorded interview from New York (USA) and broadcast on TV I, on Thursday morning .

9:22: 178 “Catholic places are under special protection”

When asked by Le Figaro , Monsignor Ribadeau Dumas, spokesman for the Bishops’ Conference, says that “178 Catholic places that are considered sensitive under protection specific now. ” A figure echoed by Manuel Valls France Inter this morning. Remember that France now has nearly 45,000 churches with about 15,000 are no longer occupied.

9:19: More is known about Sid Ahmed Ghlam

20 Minutes has put together a little video for you to learn more about the man suspected of having planned the attacks in churches in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne)

9:12.: Valls took the opportunity to praise the law on intelligence

Guest France Inter on Thursday morning, Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister took the debate on the foiled attack to demand the passage of the law on intelligence, expected May 5 This law strongly criticized by civil libertarians “would have more resources to intelligence services to carry out a number of monitoring” as part of the investigation into Sid Ahmed Ghlam ensures Manuel Valls.

Decryption: What looks like the law on intelligence

? 8:58: Péchenard wants a law criminalizing consiltation jihadist websites
The director general of the UMP, former director of the National Police, sees a flaw in the current system, the fight against terrorism: the inability to convict people who consult jihadist websites, and would like UMP amendments thereto remedy when reviewing legislation on intelligence. “We now know that the Internet is an extremely important radicalization vector. There are a lot of young people who will make contact with Al Qaeda and the Islamic state through the Internet. And all this is not an offense. We already have a device against child pornography. Anyone who goes to child pornography sites may be subject to criminal penalties. The important thing is not so much the penalty that allow the policy to intervene. This is something we lack and we have absolutely in our legislative arsenal, “said he said on France Info.

8:55: The family of the suspect incredulous
“It’s a blow handled. Either they threatened because all this alone … Never, “says his sister on RTL. It evokes a man “really happy, happy,” adding, “we are not terrorists”

. 8:53: At least two accomplices sought
According to RTL, the police actively seeking at least two accomplices Sid Ahmed Ghlam. They would have helped prepare what could have been a slaughter

8:50. At least five attacks thwarted since January
“Many attacks have been foiled , five, considering the attack that has not held in Villejuif fortunately there are probably a few days, “said the head of government.