Friday, April 24, 2015

Meurthe-et-Moselle. The small Berenyss returned home – Ouest-France

The girl was spotted in the early morning by witnesses when she passed the door of his home Sancy village of Meurthe-et-Moselle, in the arms of his dad. This brought her back, with her mother clearly proven, after examinations in the hospital overnight in Reims. The village mayor Daniel Matergia confirmed to AFP that Berenyss was well back home.

It would not have suffered violence

The small Berenyss was found alive and saves to Grandpre Thursday night, a village in the French Ardennes, 80 km from Reims and 120 miles from the home of his parents in Sancy. According to the prosecution, it would not have suffered violence.

The police, whose investigation is led by Nancy research section, still trying to find a white Kangoo led by a man of forty, which was seen at the scene the removal of Berenyss Sancy Thursday at around 15 pm, said the officer. This man is “minima a witness” in this case, had said Thursday the prosecutor of Briey Yves Le Clair. The abduction alert plan was initiated in the early evening after initial research following the disappearance of the girl, mobilizing a hundred soldiers, including 30 mobile police, a helicopter and dog teams on Thursday afternoon. One of the policemen involved in the research died Thursday, the victim of a motorcycle accident on his way to the scene.

doctor’s evidence that collected Bérényss

A few hours later, around 23 am to Grandpre, a village of 450 inhabitants of the French Ardennes, Berenyss was filed in the home of a female doctor, Marie-Alix Lambert. While taking a herbal tea before going to bed, the child had knocked on his door and said in a small voice “It’s Berenyss” , said Ms. Lambert told AFP Friday.

The collapsed parents but relieved

“I’m home from work at 8:45 p.m. ET I was not aware of abduction alert. The little girl told me that a gentleman had made next to my house and she told me he had to call his mother “, she continued.

“On the phone, I felt parents collapsed but obviously relieved to hear me and hear their daughter. After the police came to the whole procedure and left with the girl “, said Ms. Lambert.

According to the doctor, the girl is “very beefy with the head on the shoulders” , it does not seem “distraught” or disoriented. “She began to realize that talking with her parents and police she had been abducted” , said Marie-Alix Lambert.


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