Tuesday, April 28, 2015

“The Republicans” NKM does not preclude an internal vote – Liberation

The number two of the UMP, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, does not exclude, in an interview with Le Figaro published Wednesday in an internal vote on the specific issue of the future name of the UMP, a priori “Republicans”, without indicating whether several choices would be offered to the militants.

“If the issue is debated in the political bureau of May 5, I will not be surprised that we go a vote, “said the MP of Essonne.

The UMP president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, had already expressed support for such a vote.

So that it emphasizes that with NKM supporters (but also some UMP managers) are opposed to this change, it recognizes “questions. Activists, I consulted a lot to rewrite the statutes, desire a change of name. They said through the election of Nicolas Sarkozy. But the consistency of our new statutes, it is the voice given to activists. So if the debate is lively, why not ask them to decide? “

During the campaign for the presidency of the UMP, he finally won, Nicolas Sarkozy had assured early November meeting Public Nancy he wanted the new name of the party to be “put to the vote of the militants.”

Former Ecology Minister promises that with the new statutes that the party intends to adopt, “the voice of activists will be heard and strong.”

“The presidents of departmental federations will be elected by the militants, while today they are elected indirectly, often with the desire to respect the balance between local barons. The Politburo will give way to non-elected parliamentarians. The National Commission of investitures, and remedies will also be open to activists, “says she also

However, it will not be all nominations to be submitted to the vote of militants.: “We will keep this possibility, but this is not systematic,” warns the loser of the race for mayor of Paris in March 2014.

The militants “will” also have their say on the party line , which may for example allow it according to show that the UMP activists “are very clear on the subject” the refusal of alliance with the FN.


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