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Who is the suspect who was about to commit a bombing near … – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – Student aged 24 computer, the Algerian was planning to attack two churches in Villejuif and is involved in the death of Aurelie Chatelain

The main suspect of the foiled attack Sunday morning project in Paris is a young man of 24 years. He was arrested on Sunday after seeking relief for a leg injury. Currently in custody, he was hospitalized at the Hôtel-Dieu. Reportedly, he had planned an attack against “two churches” located in Villejuif. He is also involved in the murder of Aurelie Chatelain, fitness teacher, found dead three bullets in his body in his car in flames Sunday morning.

A teenager between Algeria and France

The young man’s name is Sid Ahmed Ghlam. Arriving for the first time in France with his mother in 2001 to join his father already installed in Saint-Dizier, he had to leave Algeria in 2003 for lack of papers allowing him to remain on French territory. He received his Bachelor of Algeria in 2010 before returning to France in the same year, detailed François Molins, the prosecutor of Paris, during a press conference.

“A normal student”

 Sid Ahmed Ghlam staying in the dorm room & # xE0; Paris in the thirteenth arrondissement.

Sid Ahmed Ghlam lived in this university room in Paris in the thirteenth arrondissement

In 2011, he left his parents’ home, to Paris to begin electronic studies. He was a student from November 2011 to June 2013 at the School of Computer Science SUPINFO, located in Montparnasse. “He never talked about, it was a normal student, having the correct results. We are very surprised to see his name in print today, “says one to the Le Figaro in this school, where students are selected folder. While the curriculum is five years, he left at the end of its second year. “It was much less present in the second year. He ended by saying that he wanted to refocus and go to another facility, “says one yet. Then he went to Reims, returned to Saint-Dizier before returning to the capital in September 2014. Until his arrest Sunday, he lived in room 310 of a student hostel located in the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris. “This is the first time we hear of him since he took the apartment, there have been no reports he paid his rent normally within 200 euros per month,” describes a spokesman Crous, Constance Blanchard, told AFP.

Known intelligence

The young man had a criminal record indicating a voluntary violence offense as of 2013. finally decided not to pursue case after the victim has withdrawn his complaint. However, he was known for his intelligence “starting ambitions in Syria” in order to join jihadist ranks, said Wednesday Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. Like many others, he had expressed his desire to leave on his Facebook account. We also know that the student stopped visited Turkey in 2015, for a 10 day stay. There are, however, no trace of living in Syria. According, he was the subject of a “plug S” as state security, which involves police surveillance “without attracting attention” and described him as a “dangerous radical Islamist” . Bernard Cazeneuve said for his part that checks on its environment were made in 2014 and 2015 but that nothing had justified the opening of a judicial inquiry.

Armed and ready to take action

The man seemed to have prepared well. The police found in his car several weapons of war (a Kalashnikov rifle, a pistol and a revolver), ammunition, a bullet-proof vest and tactical, three mobile phones and a computer. During this first search, investigators found documents suggesting the targets that were aimed at the suspect, and the procedure. In her dorm room, have been found including three Kalashnikov rifles, police armbands, a camcorder, a camera, a computer and a sum of 2,000 euros in cash, said the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins. In addition, investigators came across exalted notes and documents in Arabic, referring to the terrorist organizations Islamic state and Al-Qaeda. On one of them, it is particularly writes: “By God, we will take revenge.” Besides, a police list of matching a timing, which is the time of intervention of law enforcement in case of attack, was also found, according to the M6 ​​television channel.

A third person involved

The Paris prosecutor also announced that the main suspect was in contact by telephone with someone in Syria, with whom he exchanged “on commission terms of an attack.” “This latest explicitly asking him to specifically target a church.” Therefore, the facts have been reclassified as “criminal association for the preparation of acts of terrorism.”

About The fanciful in custody

During his custody, Sid Ahmed Ghlam said something “fanciful”, further reported the prosecutor of Paris. “Explaining that he had many weapons, it scared him, he suddenly decided to get rid wishing thrown into the Seine. It would then be made on the bridge of Tolbiac and Bercy to lay down their arms, but had injured himself after mishandling by shooting himself in the leg, told Francois Molins told reporters. He therefore decided to take all the weapons and go home to call for help. ” Since it is in complete silence and refused to answer questions from investigators. François Molins mentioned a possible extension of up to six days of police custody. An exceptional period that the law allows only face “serious imminent risk of a terrorist action.”

Part of his entourage in radical Islam

On Monday, searches were conducted in his entourage in Saint-Dizier, in the Val-de-Marne, where his parents live. According to France 3 Champagne-Ardenne, they live in the district of Vert-Bois. The young man had to spend weekends with family, some of whom are committed to the cause of radical Islam, according to police sources. His companion, dressed in a burqa was arrested Wednesday morning in this city of 25,000 inhabitants. This is a 25 year old woman, presumably converted to Islam, according to a source close to the investigation. According to neighbors, she rented this house for six or seven months with two young children, still closed shutters. This young woman is “extremely discreet, not making history”, one saw that “when she went to get his children to school,” according to a neighbor. It was the only woman to wear the burqa in the area, adds it in the neighborhood.

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