Thursday, April 23, 2015

Project bombing: who is this woman near Sid Ahmed Ghlam … – Le Figaro

Arms and the encrypted communication means have been found in this woman, aged 25 and placed in custody Wednesday. Several questions arise around this potential accomplice.

The time is in search of accomplices. And the 25-year-old woman arrested on Wednesday in Saint-Dizier, Haute-Marne village where Ghlam Sid Ahmed had connections could well be among them: certain evidence gathered by investigators indicate that it participated in the planned attack student against one or more churches.

• Weapons seizures

According to Le Parisien , investigators have seized weapons during the search of the home of the young woman on Wednesday. The nature of the seizures is unknown. If proven, the seizure of weapons, however, confirm that the computer science student has benefited from the logistical support of one or more accomplices, that investigators suspect. Thursday, they were thus looking for two people who could have helped in its operation, according to the daily. The owner of the car in which Sid Ahmed Ghlam recovered some of its weapons include, in particular among potential accomplices. As the Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Thursday, Sid Ahmed Ghlam could hardly muster the “arsenal” he hid at his home and in his car without the help of others.

• found communication codes

Another element of the investigation would also have been found in the housing of the young woman. According to information from RTL, the police would have laid hands on “encryption keys” used by the close of the suspect to communicate without being detected. Dozens codes have been carried on pieces of paper, citing an encrypted alphabet. Experts must now begin to decipher the medium of exchange to determine if the woman or not, participated in terrorist Sid Ahmed Ghlam project.

• Uncertainty about the relationship

Finally, doubts remain as to the nature of the relationship maintained by the student with the young woman. On Wednesday, a source close to the investigation stated to AFP that the mother of two young children, recently converted to Islam, was the student’s partner. But the next day, the sister of Sid Ahmed Ghlam explains that she herself met this young woman in the mosque and was crowded. “I do not talk to him for a year and a half,” she says though. Regarding the relationship of this young woman with her brother, she adds: “Before that, she wanted to marry him. But it did not work, he would not. “In Paris , it states that Sid Ahmed and the young woman were no longer in contact, and that the young man refused the marry because she already had two children.


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