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Roselyne Bachelot. His anecdotes about the presidents of the Fifth … – Ouest-France

Lincoln “multiplied conquests”

In the book The little girl of the V , released Wednesday by Flammarion, Roselyne Bachelot tells this story.

Late, 40, Mitterrand’s campaign in the Nièvre. “The elected officials, bosses, priests but also women capsized. The future President of the Republic had a devastating charm, all were crazy and he multiplied conquests. It was public knowledge that he had a wife to mistress of a cattle dealer of the Bazois. The jockey having left for Paris with his flock, wife, thinking then relax, once made her lover to come home. When the night, the cuckold rappliqua, Mitterrand had to bring himself to jump out the window and exploded below the canopy before taking the flight to seriously injuring pretty face. The next day, the saw the capital of the fair, the scarred face but with large dark glasses, smiling and shaking hands in the most natural world. “

Chirac, without the” hearing aid ” could re-enlist

Roselyne Bachelot still recounts the scenes of the case of “hearing aid” in 2003.

“The entire press was buzzing with the rumor. The president, who became hard of hearing, was paired “ When asked Jean-Michel Apathy, on RTL, she answers tit for tat. ” I think yes “ And. continue: “What a deal! Between grotesque denials and half-confession, the Elysee has reached the peak of ridicule. I did not realize at the time, I was putting undermined a carefully scaffolded strategy by the president’s entourage in order to enable a third mandate “

Sarkozy”. I need a Black or better, a black woman! “

Roselyne Bachelot remembers a conversation in small groups with Nicolas Sarkozy, in 2007. ” The friends I met Barack Obama , the mayor of Chicago. This guy is the future president of the United States “

She continues: “. We looked in disbelief. A black president of the United States? “ And Sarkozy continued: ” You know nothing. I also discussed with Rice, a formidable woman. Well, you start hunting. I need a Black, or better, a black “

Roselyne Bachelot, who eventually quarreled with the former head of state, said: “! From Sarko spitting image: fulminant intuition, the ability to mobilize and complete lack of superego “

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