Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Limoges: a German teacher suspended after about … – France Info

Two week suspension were handed down on Tuesday for a German professor of Limoges high school which held about pro-Nazi, reported by the students to the administration.

Hitler a good man, who built highways, who loved music “, an example sentences written by students of this college professor Renoir Limoges. She has been suspended two weeks, after an exceptional disciplinary council on Tuesday to the rectory of Limoges.

To convene a disciplinary council emergency, the case clearly important. Only three students in this class first, which has twenty students had not signed the record of words of their German teacher. And according to them, this kind of thinking was recurrent. It would also have liked “ see the German tanks coming Limoges ” and subdue recalcitrant students …

The teacher denounces accusations

The German teacher, nearing retirement, on his first year in high school Renoir. Before that, she would regularly changed institutions because of complicated relationships with students.

The teacher will not receive his salary for the period of his suspension but can still challenge the decision taken by the council discipline in the Administrative Court. According to the daily Le Populaire du Centre , the German teacher filed a handrail and formally denounced the accusations. As in high school and rectory, they did not wish to speak on the subject.


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