Sunday, April 26, 2015

After Villejuif, Caudry honored Aurelie Chatelain and … – TF1

At the foot of the town hall, under the portrait of the young 32 year old woman displayed on the facade since Wednesday, residents pay tribute to this former municipal councilor, professor of dance and fitness. The family collapsed, did not wish to speak. Parents Aurelie wore a purple tulip, her favorite flower.

“There can be proven facts”

Mayor Guy Bricout, has meanwhile quoted the singer Calogero, on his song “A Day in the wrong place” before bring in “anger of having few new authorities about the killing, although you can get historical facts, “he says. Angry too, to see that several prominent lawyers were “rushed” to defend the alleged killer, Sid Ahmed Ghlam, an Algerian, 24, suspected of planning attacks in the name of Islam, while nobody has contacted the family of the victim. “It’s much less media,” he concluded.

The participants in the tribute, residents of the city or nearby towns, then marched through the center, some wearing white t-shirts or holding the same color roses . At the end of the march, after a little over a mile of silent communion, the family who opened the procession of his side. In the city, silent, the bells of the church rang off. The other participants then went to lay flowers on the steps of City Hall.

Aurelie Chatelain The funeral will be held at the Basilica of St. Maxellende Caudry Wednesday at 14:30.

VIDEO. Saturday, Villejuif had already paid tribute to Aurelie Chatelain


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