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Migrants: Holland called Europeans and beyond to resolve issues become unbearable

L’Hay-les-Roses – French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday urged Europeans and beyond to take action on the many deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean, the questions become unbearable humanitarian and political, emphasizing the fight against terrorism.

The European Council Thursday can not just be an ordinary council where we take ordinary decisions. It will go much further (…). And I now call all Europeans and beyond to address these issues become intolerable and unbearable humanitarian plan Politically, he has launched.

For the French President, we must more ships, more surveillance, but that will not suffice. It must also address the causes of that which produced the dramas, has he said on the sidelines of a movement near Paris.

Mr. Holland mentioned a state of Libya, which is not a state, and which therefore do not control anything, or even let them.

There are also countries that are abandoned. I think of Eritrea, with refugees are becoming more numerous. I also think about what is happening in the Sahel, where the French army multiplies the operations against the jihadists, said the French president.

And then you have to fight against terrorism. I should point out that those who traffic that put people on rotten boats, vessels that are made to disappear into the sea (…) are terrorists, added Mr. Holland.

In fighting against these traffickers, we will fight against terrorism and fighting against terrorism, we will fight against these traffickers. Because they are financed on the misery of the world, on the distress, death, he concluded.

The sinking of a trawler off Sunday Libya made 800 dead announced Tuesday in Catania, Sicily, representatives of UNHCR and IOM, hours after the announcement of a European action plan to address the plight of migrants in the Mediterranean.

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