Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paris, April 29, 2015 – Taxis: the press welcome mercilessly the “end of … – The Express

Limit for Agnès Saal at INA “, draws in its inside pages Liberation, never short of good words.

The hunt for bosses of public companies that are not copies made a first victim: Agnès Saal ,” adds Le Figaro.

The president of the INA was “ landed ” “ at the request ” the culture minister Fleur Pellerin after “ blamed for its huge costs taxis , “said Le Parisien. Ms. Saal “ will therefore not survive more than twenty-four hours in the media coverage of the controversy “, his position is “ become untenable “.

There are a safe bet that Agnès Saal now be a small twinge or some nasty sweats, whenever it will pay a taxi getaway. If pay. This is the term. For now, it is out of his pocket that will get the tickets “, squeaks his side Christophe Bonnefoy (Le Journal de la Haute-Marne).” The need to return a certain decency finally had because of his position “, he considers.

Faced with the real rigor imposed on France from below … The French, bitter, yet find once the senior people often cut daily realities “says Yann Marec (Le Midi Libre). “ It is fortunate that President Agnès Saal is no longer part of the landscape today. The efficient Fleur Pellerin cut off his head. And PAF!

And conclude so murderous a “ good little course by block subway does not hurt Madame Agnès Saal “.

According to Dominique Garraud (La Charente Libre), “ laws on transparency in public life are beginning to produce results, but France is still far short of that should break with past practices nourishing still strongly feel vis-à-vis the State mistrust.

For the editorialist, in this case, it is” surprising that had to wait a denunciation that the government would then seize it has many means of control “.


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