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Berenyss: the man was known for sexual assault – Europe1

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This is the DNA that has played a “decisive” role in the arrest the suspect, said Tuesday the prosecutor Briey, Meurthe-et-Moselle. The man, a farmer, 48, was arrested at his home and taken into custody in the investigation into the abduction of Berenyss, 7 and a half years, which took place last Thursday, according to information from iTELE, including Europe 1 received confirmation. Residing near Verdun, Montzéville in the Meuse, he was confused from the DNA analysis conducted “on clothes and underwear of the little girl,” said the prosecutor Yves Le Clair, at a conference release Tuesday morning.

Suspect in “complete denial.” The suspect, “in a situation of complete denial,” in the words of Yves Le Clair, will be the subject of a criminal investigation for kidnapping, false imprisonment with parole for the seventh day and sexual assault of a minor, said the prosecutor. He refuses for now to cooperate with investigators. This is the GIGN, who spoke Tuesday morning to arrest him because it separated father has been convicted four times in 2000, by the Criminal Court of Verdun, for offenses on hunting and for for “acts of violence and degradation.”

More importantly, it was the subject for several months, a preliminary investigation, following the filing of a complaint of sexual assault on two of its nieces and a third near, of a similar age to that of Berenyss. It is the existence of the complaint – which always causes a sample DNA and registration in the national computerized DNA (FNAEG) – which allowed the suspect identified Monday night from the imprint isolated DNA on the clothes and underwear of the little girl.

“Acts of immorality.” The “investigations were conducted from the victim’s account “said the prosecutor. After removing the small Berenyss this man approaching fifty would be returned directly to his home, located less than a hundred kilometers to Montzéville in the Meuse. The little girl would have spent several hours at the suspect before he decided to “drop” about 23 hours, 45 km away, in front of a house, Grandpre in the neighboring department of the Ardennes.

The girl was not hindered during his confinement, said the prosecutor. But “if the victim has not suffered violence in the common sense, the behavior of the respondent when he retained can receive this qualification of sexual assault, that is to say acts contrary to the modesty of the victim directly involving his body, “continued the senior judge.

Many DNA samples. Saturday late afternoon, the police had interrupted their field research to find the kidnapper Berenyss found alive Thursday night in the Ardennes. Nearly 200 soldiers and several helicopters were mobilized for the occasion. Investigators were betting heavily on the results of DNA tests on samples taken from a particular package of goodies with which the kidnapper had lured the girl into his vehicle, a white Kangoo utility type, according to the testimony of the mother overview of Berenyss that this vehicle. Several forensic departments had also seized to analyze cycling and clothing worn Berenyss and traces of vehicle found at the scene of the kidnapping and that of his release.

Removed just in front of her. The little girl was abducted on Thursday around 15 hours, in the village of 350 souls of Sancy, in Meurthe-et-Moselle. She was cycling on the village square, right in front of the family home when she was kidnapped. A few hours after the outbreak of the abduction alert and eight hours after his disappearance, the girl had been “filed” by her abductor, unharmed, to the house of a female doctor in the small town of Grandpré in the Ardennes 120 miles away.

At the end of his police custody, the suspect will be brought and presented to a magistrate for an indictment.

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