Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Body of a woman found in Aubervilliers: what we know – the Obs

The body of a woman, bound and in the fetal position, was found Monday in a bag back up to the surface of a canal in Aubervilliers, near Paris, announced Tuesday, April 21 the prosecutor of Bobigny. Focus on what we know.

# How the body he was found?

The body was found about noon Monday by a walker “who found a garbage bag surrounded by tape, brought him close to the bank and found that hair beyond, “said the prosecutor.

This waterfront then alerted police, who spoke on site , up to the bridge Landy, Seine-Saint-Denis. Repêchant in the trash bag, officials of the river brigade found a “strong odor of putrefaction” and made the discovery of the body, dressed the victim “in the fetal position.”

# Why the body is it up to the surface?

According to a source close to the case, the victim “was tied up, legs tied at the neck for better back in the bag.” “She had been placed in a fully sealed garbage bag and then into a travel bag and had to be there for several days,” the source said.

Not far from the place of discovery, police have indeed found its container, suitcase still submerged in the channel, according to prosecutors.

This case was weighted with a metal safety barrier to prevent rising but seems to be “returned to the surface when the body bloated “, sources said.

# What is known of the victim?

The woman,” European type, brown hair, measuring about 1.60m 58 kilos, “has not yet been identified, said the prosecutor. His age was not specified.

The body of the victim, who had facial injuries, was taken on Monday at the forensic institute in Paris and an autopsy was performed Tuesday morning . “The causes of death are still unknown,” said the prosecutor, who was reported as “no track” for the time.

An investigation was entrusted to the judicial police Seine -Saint-Denis.


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